Straight vs. Absurd

Absurd dog

Last night in improv class we worked on some really fun skills.

  • We learned how to be absurd – linking things that had nothing to do with each other.
  • And how to play it straight.
  • No matter what the absurd person said it made sense.

I thought I would enjoy being the absurd person more.

  • Love letting my creativity fly.
  • Seeing how much I can push filters down.
  • Just let the words come out of my mouth.

Playing the straight person was actually a bigger challenge.

  • I couldn’t break character to laugh at the outlandish comments.
  • Had to think fast on my feet to produce a logical explanation.
  • And add something to the conversation to move it ahead.

We got to practice both roles.

  • The jury is out on which role I prefer.
  • I’m not sure if I have to commit to one for my improv brand.
  • Or can simply play based on what comes up.

I’ll confess I’m giggling that I even wrote about having an improv brand.

  • It’s a bit too soon to lock down on much of anything.
  • Aside from being brilliant most of the time, of course. 😉
  • (Insert more giggling.)

What are you doing that makes you giggle – even the next day?


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