Wanna Selfie with Me?

Selfie of Cynthia

Last week, I gave a program on how to take a better selfie.

  • It was part of a conference kick-off.
  • My goal was to break the ice for the event.
  • And boy did we!

Taking a good selfie is a must-have skill for everyone these days.

  • And yet, many still resist.
  • They don’t like how they look – even some of the beautiful people!
  • Or, they never really learned how to do it.

Speaking for 20 years professionally, I’ve been photographed a ton.

  • Also interviewed fabulous fashion photographers for a podcast show.
  • The result?
  • I know interesting body facts to take off years and pounds when used.

We had the entire room on their feet shooting photographs like crazy.

  • Different angles, different poses, different looks.
  • It’s amazing what difference a few inches can make!
  • Or taking photos in what feels like a really wrong way!

2017 cynthia selfie finalParticipants snapped selfies so quickly, even the reluctant folks got caught up in the fun of the experience.

  • We shot more than 30 photos in 30 minutes!
  • People took photos like crazy throughout the entire meeting.
  • Lots of happy new friends.

Playing with angles on my phone camera fascinates me – and sharing my insights brings great joy.

  • What can share that lights you up with joy?
  • The photo here at the end was taken sitting on a wooden throne at the Fairmont in Banff Springs.
  • (Had to be a good role model and walk, er, shoot the talk!)

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