Imagine If You Felt Powerful Every Day!

Confident hispanic woman in white blouse, isolated on whiteIt’s time to make that fantasy a reality…

When you step into your feminine power, you’ll do things like:

Walk into a room with confidence. You’ll stand tall with a sense of knowing that you deserve to be there and are enough.

Hold your own with those at the table – including alpha males. No longer will you be overlooked in a discussion. Nor will someone else seize your ideas and take credit for their greatness.

Experience the world more on your terms. While it can be a beautiful thing to be of service to others, it can’t be at the expense of shutting down who you truly are. Embracing your power is also embracing you as wonderful – just the way you are.

Believe you should have a promotion – and ask for it. As a powerful woman, you don’t have to wait for someone to give you permission. You feel good asking for what you desire. You know you are worthy of more in your life.

The challenge is women are rarely taught how to be naturally powerful.

Sure there’s the occasional 25 Most Power Women list – but that’s not a how-to tutorial for the typical woman or young girl.

Embracing your feminine power is more than just proclaiming yourself powerful.

For example, Maria decides she’s going to be more powerful. She goes into the world with great expectations.

  • She is greeted with both resistance  -“Mom/Wife/Employee/Maria, why are you acting so weird?”
  • And total indifference. The world does not see Maria as any different so they react as normal to her.

Maria’s confidence gets crushed.

  • A gazillion affirmations are not changing anything.
  • Maria feels once again not worthy and crawls back to her normal ways of less power.

If feminine power is so natural, why didn’t it work for Maria?

  • Maria and almost all women have been too conditioned to take a subordinate position in life.
  • To ignore their personal power and act like “good girls”.

strong womanThankfully, there’s another way to tap your feminine power…

The path to feminine power has four steps.

1. You decide you want to be powerful. You start to imagine how life will be better.

2. You begin to let go of the old stories and outdated rules designed to hold you down as a woman. They muddle and blind you to your amazing power.

3. You join a support network of other women embracing their feminine power.  It’s very hard to become more powerful all by yourself. The ups and downs of new experiences can be too much on your own – and make it easy to give up. Plus, as you support another woman in owning her power, you raise yourself up too. (And it’s a lot more fun to do together.)

4. You learn the skills involved in being powerful. When you learn the language of power, the actions of power, it’s much easier to be powerful. Power is not a single skill. It’s a collection of skills and strategies that combined make a person powerful.

Powerful women are needed now more than ever – and yet feminine power is rarely taught.

Cynthia D'AmourMy name is Cynthia D’Amour, MBA and I’m the founder of the Powerful Woman Program.

  • I’ve spent the last 20 years as a leadership strategist teaching more than 100,000 leaders and executives how to be more successful.
  • I worked with people in more than 100 different industries and professions.
  • I’m the author of seven books including The Lazy Leader’s Guide to Outrageous Results.
  • I have a degree in marketing, a master’s equivalent in teaching and an MBA in leadership.

And, lucky for me, my dad raised me to be a powerful woman by embracing my feminine power.

  • Dad taught me to hold my own with the toughest of men while embracing the feminine power I naturally am.
  • Dad was a marketing genius and Southern gentleman who showed me how power can be a soft force to be reckoned with.
  • I go toe-to-toe regularly with very strong men – and usually win thanks to the power radiating from my fierce feminine center.

I’m excited to help you embrace your feminine power so you can live your life from a position of beautiful strength.

I created the Powerful Woman Program as a way for women to learn and grow together as they step into their power.

The program has three basic parts.

PART 1:  The “30 Days to a More Powerful You!” online program.

This collection of how-to videos will walk you step by step through what it takes for you to be more powerful – at work and the rest of your life too!

Five dynamic modules are a combination of:

  • Big concept teaching giving you the why behind the what.
  • Power Boosters – simple how-to videos each featuring a skill or action to make you more powerful.
  • It’s all content and no fluff – total viewing time is LESS THAN an hour total per module!

You have 24/7 access.

  • As women we love to pack our schedules way too full.
  • I’m giving you access to the videos right away so you can get a head start on your power education.
  • You decide the pace that works best for you.

I’ll be using the four modules as a focus for our coaching calls which are spread over two months to give you time to learn AND implement.


together-handsPART 2:  Our Powerful Woman Private Facebook Community

We have spent a lifetime being encouraged to ignore our power. The best way to grow your skills and confidence is to surround yourself with other women on the same journey.

The group will be a sisterhood of women supporting each other through the adventure of embracing more power in their lives.

  • It will be a place to share your successes.
  • Get loving comfort you need if you stumble.
  • And to simply enjoy the sisterhood of women who are changing the world by owning their personal power more.

Absolutely no negativity is allowed towards any woman – this is not a place for judgement, competition or malicious gossip.

(Get negative and get kicked out with no refund. This is your warning!)

I’ll be in the group regularly to see how you are doing – and to answer any questions you may have.


powerful women togetherPART 3: Our Livestreamed Group Coaching Sessions

We’ll do livestreamed group coaching sessions twice a month using Zoom. (You can access Zoom using your computer, tablet and/or smart phone.)

We’ll come together to celebrate each other and explore together the next step in our path to power.

The group coaching sessions will be a fast and power-packed 30 minutes so it fits in the busy woman’s schedule.

  • I’ve got 20 years experience in creating dynamic, how-to programs.
  • You’ll learn and laugh.
  • And leave feeling great.

Each group coaching call will be offered twice to give you options and fit in different schedules.

  • One session will run during the day and the other at night.
  • If you can’t make either session, no worries, I’ll post a recording of one of the sessions each time too.
  • These group coaching sessions will speed your transformation and pump you up – whether you catch us live or watch the recording!

Get out your calendars and save these dates!

  • Tuesdays are at 2 PM Eastern
  • Sessions will be recorded as well so you can participate 24/7 at your convenience so you will never miss anything.
  • All sessions are a speedy, high-energy 30-minutes long.

Group Coaching #1: Start to Turn Your Power Up
Tuesday, Jan. 17th at 2 PM ET

This session is our official formal start to the program. We’ll dig into what’s going on with you.

We’ll discuss the difference between masculine and feminine energy – as well as how to best prepare you to move forward as a more powerful woman.

Group Coaching #2: Change Your Inside Game
Tuesday, Jan. 31st at 2 PM ET

The storyteller in your head is well trained to keep you less than powerful. She’s got tons of stories and rules about why you aren’t good enough or worthy to be more powerful. After this module and session, her impact will be diminished.

We’ll dig into how to tell what’s real and what’s fake. And how to plant new stories that support you embracing your feminine power with ease!

Group Coaching #3: Claim Your External Power
Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 2 PM ET

Once you start believing you can be more powerful, it’s time to explore how you communicate your power level to the world.

You’ll be amazed and delighted how a few simple shifts can totally change how people respond to you.

Group Coaching #4: Advanced Power Strategies
Tuesday, Feb. 28th at 2 PM ET

You believe you are more powerful. You are presenting yourself to the world as more powerful. Now it’s time to delve into some strategic power skills – including how to succeed with alpha males.

It’s like learning a whole new language you can easily adopt for powerful results.


Are you ready to learn how to be an empowered woman, take your life to new heights with your feminine approach – and discover a community of fabulous women on the same journey as you?

This program is going to be a journey of a lifetime – a new, more powerful life for you.

What’s it going to cost?

I’m offering it at an introductory price of $199 this round.

It’s below market value; however, I plan to do some tinkering as I go. So if you want to help co-create while learning some fabulous skills that will transform your life, sign up now.

Register today for only $199.

I simply ask you to share this special opportunity with the other women in your life.

Working on your feminine power with your friends, family or colleagues will create a personal support group for you – in addition to the sisterhood community that’s part of this program.

I hope you are as excited as I am.

Together we will change the world – one powerful woman at a time!


Your 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

While I can’t guarantee you’ll get promoted or have people bow down to your feet in awe of your power, I will guarantee this program will help you become more powerful.

I’ll give you 60 days to watch the videos, try the Power Booster activities and be part of our dynamic community where you can ask questions when you need help.

If you do all of that and still think at the end of 60 days you are not any more powerful than when you started, I will issue you a refund.

You will just need to be able to show how you applied the program and participated in the community.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have anyone to participate in the program with? Will I still learn how to be more powerful?

While I will definitely encourage you to convince your friends, family and colleagues to do the program with you, it’s not a requirement.

You are going to meet some amazing women in our Facebook group and during the group coaching session. You don’t have to do this alone.

If I’m already pretty comfortable being powerful, is this program relevant to me?

You can always refine your approach to feminine power and take yourself to the next level. There will be women on all power levels as part of our group. You’ll find some peers.

The CEOs I’ve worked with rarely know the information I’m sharing in the advanced module. That alone is worth attending for.

Does this program work for people who are not CEOs or in management?

Absolutely. Being a powerful woman can be normal for you know matter how you spend your time. Whether you are a woman who is a front line person, a food server, an aspiring manager, a seasoned executive, a stay at home mom or a small business owner, this program is for you.

Feminine power is for ALL women.

I thought “feminine power” was all about being sexy and making men do what you want. Is this different?

Yes. While feeling comfortable in your body and enjoying your sensuality and sexuality can be a fun form of power, that’s not our focus in this program.

We are going to focus on your feeling powerful in everything you do – at work and in life.

Will it be harder to find a boyfriend if I’m a powerful woman?

I find powerful women are better at putting voice to what they want. There’s less game playing and expectations for anyone to be psychic.

Many men find great relief and joy when their women share what they really want. Therefore, being a powerful woman can be very attractive.

When do we get to access to the training?

You can join the Facebook group and the online video training program as soon as you join.

Are you really going to kick people off the Facebook group for being negative?

You bet we are! I will have a team of moderators working to keep the group safe for everyone.

As women we are often taught to compete with each other and tear each other down – but that’s another way to keep us from totally accessing our feminine power.

In this program, we are all about supporting each other. We’ll be a growing sisterhood of powerful women together! I hope you join us.