Is It Time to Let Go?

let go

Last night my improv troupe hashed our show from last week.

  • What did we hear from others?
  • What went well?
  • What did we wonder about?

One of the topics that came up was when to let go of an idea.

  • In improv, there is no script.
  • Audience members may offer suggestions.
  • Scene partners have ideas too.

Sometimes, your scene partner has no idea what you are talking about when you pitch the initial frame.

  • You can make a strong opening statement.
  • And they take the ball and run a totally different direction than you expected.
  • When do you let go of your vision for the scene and dance with your partner to uncharted territory?

That conversation hit home hard for me.

  • For much I’ve my life, I’ve been the responsible one.
  • Marge in Charge.
  • Trying to take care of too many people.

Doing improv, I’m supposed to say the first thing that comes to mind.

  • And play with my scene partner.
  • No matter how they respond.
  • It’s all about co-creation.

In the beginning, there were times where I felt sick because I let go.

  • To my surprise the world did not end when I loosened the reins.
  • I had to work through a little (some) (okay maybe a lot of) guilt.
  • And even had some fun not being in charge.

Doing improv gave me a safe space to explore giving control to others.

  • It took a few weeks to embrace.
  • Now I like not being in charge all the time – in all areas of my life.
  • It’s shocking to some – which makes it even funnier!

What is it time for you to let go of in your life for at least for a little bit?

Me Versus This Old Table?

Old Table

As I infuse my life with more joy, I’ve become much more aware of my surroundings.

  • Does my space feel beautiful?
  • Is there anything I can do to upgrade it?
  • Do I feel joy being in the space?

We have a lovely backyard and two fairly comfy chairs.

  • There is no space for my drinks.
  • Except on the grass next to the chair.
  • Which means the drinks either get knocked over or become drinks for dogs.

Yesterday I realized I would love to have a table in the backyard near my chairs.

  • What a novel concept!
  • Even funnier?
  • James had a 30-inch table near his grill that he rarely uses.

I dragged the black metal table over to my chairs.

  • It works beautifully.
  • However, does not look beautiful.
  • Yet.

Currently it’s all about the rust.

  • According to James, the table was made in either the 1940s or 50s.
  • A neighbor gifted it to him.
  • And its been outside for much of its life.

I’m not a crafty kind of person normally.

  • However, am intrigued to make my new table prettier.
  • I spent some time in Home Depot today talking to the gurus there.
  • And have a plan of action – as well as some steel wool to take on the rust.

I’m a little nervous because I’ve never done anything like this before.

  • The good news is this old table will be hard to ruin.
  • Plus my back up plan is ready if I don’t like the work.
  • (Hello James!)

Growing the joy in my life has become an adventure of trying new things.

What have you tried lately in your pursuit of joy?

Day 30 – Lessons Learned from Joy Challenge

Lessons Learned

On April 4th, I announced I was going to do a 30 days of joy challenge.

  • 53 days later, I’m wrapping up my (renamed) 30 posts of joy challenge.
  • Although focusing daily on joy, it was not pleasurable to blog seven days/week.
  • (And sometimes working on the road was just too much!)

In my first post, I asked if I could stand experiencing a month of joy.

  • I had to learn a lot to be able to embrace regular joy.
  • And boy did I!

Five Lessons Learned From 30 Posts of Joy Challenge

1. I choose my emotions.

  • No one makes me mad or happy.
  • Stuff happens.
  • I react – perhaps differently than you may.

Joy was a foreign concept.

  • I was raised to a more negative orientation – like many people.
  • If emotions did not happen to me, I had to give up being victim to them.
  • Owning my choice is empowering.

2. A joy focus makes life more fun.

  • Yes, I had to get used to the concept.
  • And find I enjoy it.
  • I laugh a lot more every day!

3. Everything feels easier when focusing on daily joy.

  • I consciously worked on boosting the pleasure in my days.
  • And set periodical reminders on my phone checking how joyful I was feeling.
  • Stress faded over time creating less resistance – and more ease.

4. My creativity goes through the roof fueled by joy.

  • I stopped focusing on potential challenges.
  • Started playing with what could be.
  • Jazzed with joy my mind just flies in really fun ways!

5. I see the world with new eyes thanks to my commitment to joy.

  • The world is a more loving and beautiful place to me now.
  • I’m “in the now” way more than I used to be.
  • Not only do I notice when I don’t feel joyful, I’ve found ways to get me back there.

Joy is my new norm – and I love it!

  • I could go on and on with things I’ve learned.
  • How it’s impacted my relationships, my marriage – and even James.
  • It’s really powerful stuff.

What’s next?

  • I’m continuing on with my joy-focused life.
  • Sharing stories and insights here.
  • (And I’m not counting blog posts any more!)

How did the 30 days (posts) of joy challenge work for you?