How Do You Remember the Good Stuff?

Good stuff

During the last 48 hours, I identified at least three different things that would make great blog posts.

  • Funny stories.
  • Feel good angle.
  • Can’t remember them!

UGH! And yet, if you asked me what someone who was mean said to me five years ago, I can probably tell you.

  • The accidental goofs.
  • Rude drivers.
  • Crazy ex’s – all easy to remember.

I’m sort of shocked at how hard remembering the good of the last few days is.

  • And how easy it is to tap the less fun, ticked-off moments.
  • I’ve got some work to do in changing my emotional true north.
  • And need to just let go of some of that stuff!

How do you remember all the good that happens every day in your life?

Beauty Eases the Pain and Brings Back Joy

Her & Him Studio

Last week was totally overwhelming.

  • Three deaths of people we knew.
  • All the tragedy going on around us.
  • My circuits were fried.

Thankfully I had a photo shoot scheduled for Saturday morning.

  • With Her & Him Studio.
  • Two people to make me look and feel gorgeous.
  • My tired soul ate up the focus on beauty!

Her & Him Studio is run by my improv teachers.

  • They are a very talented and creative married couple.
  • She did my hair and make up before the shoot.
  • He was the master of the studio prep.

I loved being fussed over by both Jason and Moni.

  • They also super fun and I laughed a lot.
  • Usually I’m really nervous in photo shoots.
  • This was like hanging out with friends who wouldn’t put their cameras away.

Jason set the background and lighting to show off my red hair.

  • We did four different outfits.
  • Primped between each shot.
  • Then went out into the forest behind their house for some more photos!

20160716_cyn-jamesI left there feeling rather famous and on a total beauty high!

  • Decided to take a few selfies of my own to capture Moni’s work.
  • Of course, the girls and James got into the action.
  • More fun photos and photo bombs too – thanks Ruby!

I can’t wait to see my fabulous photos later this week.

  • Even if I broke the camera – which I don’t think I did – it was totally worth what I paid for the experience.
  • Giggling and feeling good helped me find my way back to some joy.
  • Thank goodness!

What do you do to boost your joy when life feels overwhelming?

Death the Great Teacher

Rollercoaser Ride

The last few days have definitely been a roller coaster ride.

  • From the shocks of the needless deaths around the country.
  • To a pedicure with my beautiful pregnant niece.
  • And the death of a family member.

I thought I was doing really well accepting my dad’s passing.

  • It’s been more than two years.
  • Of course I miss him.
  • And I’ve grown so much.

Uncle Paul’s death and my closeness with his daughter has lit me up like a disco board.

  • Sad for his death.
  • Wanting to be supportive of both James and Paul’s daughter.
  • And deep old wounds challenging how I really feel.

At times it feels like a ping pong game.

  • Grief.
  • Joy.
  • Old grief.

There is a seduction to digging out those old hurts.

  • Tapping into others grief giving me permission to revisit mine.
  • And even more.
  • It’s tiring.

The good news is I can smile (and cry a few tears) with memories of my dad.

  • The old wounds rising up are phantoms.
  • There’s not massive pain there any more.
  • Just a sweet missing my dad.

It’s been a time of extreme learning for me – again.

  • I don’t have joy over any of the deaths – personal, friends and collective at large.
  • And yet there is still joy to be experienced.
  • In the world and my life.

I’m going to the viewing tomorrow up in Sparta, MI.

  • It’s almost a three-hour drive for me.
  • My dirty little secret: I usually get very light headed or pass out when I go to funeral homes.
  • And will be by myself – James is attending the funeral and such the next day.

I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to pull everything off as far as tomorrow goes.

  • I’m taking food with me.
  • Stopping to see my aunt after the viewing on the way home.
  • Have CDs picked out for the drive time.

Any advice for me? How do you handle the roller coaster days?

If nothing else, the next blog post should be a doozy!