When Joy Goes to the Dogs

Cynthia and GiGi her dog

Some days will be dog days.

  • Not necessarily bad days.
  • Just sort of neutral.
  • Needing more zing.

Today was one of those days.

  • So I took time to enjoy my girls.
  • GiGi even let me take a selfie with her.
  • (But not too often – she does have her limits!)

What’s on your joy-boosting list?

I am Anger Hear Me Roar


Growing up, emotions were not a priority.

  • Only a limited range was allowed at home.
  • We were never allowed to go to bed mad.
  • I became a master of being emotionally contained.

As an adult, I still stifled my emotions.

  • I’m a pro at reading others.
  • A rock in someone’s storm.
  • A safe space for others to release and explore.

And then came my improv class…

  • Last night we worked on escalating.
  • Taking things up or down.
  • Including emotions.

One exercise involved me telling my scene partner what I would do because I hated him so much.

  • We were to start at a level one and build to a ten.
  • Build with emotions, energy and outrageousness of what was said.
  • One-upmanship at its best.

We started small.

  • I hate you so much I’m going to give you a paper cut and put lemon on it.
  • The first few upgrades were sort of silly.
  • And the energy was building.

We both got into the escalation – and the dance took off.

  • Our movement.
  • Our crazy threats.
  • Our emotions.

Two-thirds through, the teacher told us to shift to describing how we would kill each other as we escalated.

  • I hate you so much I’m going to kill you by…
  • For someone who was not allowed to get mad growing up, this was a really trippy exercise.
  • (I have also promised myself to not hold back in improv.)

When I reached my level ten I was ROARING with anger.

  • Thankfully my partner gave as good as he got so our energy was strongly balanced.
  • When it was done I almost passed out.
  • Took some time to get that energy out of my body.

I’ve noticed with emotional exercises, when I’m in my zone, I don’t just be an emotion, I become it.

  • In some ways, it’s like being a tourist in my own body.
  • I get to check out different states each week.
  • And while I don’t usually roar with anger, I am much more aware of how I am feeling since starting improv.

How do you expand your emotional range so you can experience joy more clearly?

Me Quiet? That’s a New One!

quiet zone

My brain churned and churned into the night.

  • It’s like the ideas had to come out.
  • Really exciting stuff.
  • Bigger than I’ve ever thought before.

I dropped with exhaustion when I finally went to bed.

  • Slept hard.
  • Didn’t move.
  • Don’t remember any dreams.

I woke up quiet.

  • I’m sitting with all the concepts.
  • Like a pot of sauce that gets richer and richer as flavors release.
  • Reflectively contemplating.

I almost didn’t blog today.

  • But decided that would be wrong.
  • I’m learning the joy path is not single note of the bubbly excitement.
  • Even in my quiet today, there is a subtle joy that’s coming from knowing.

How do you allow your joy to come through as you honor your quiet times?