What is the Feminine Language of Power?

Blue-Cyn2As many of you know, I’m really excited about working this year helping women to be more powerful.

I created three avenues of support and education that I’m rolling out in the next month.

  • My core program, 30 Days to a More Powerful You! program, starting on January 19th.
  • A monthly education experience in the process of being named.
  • And a VIP Power Circle program to support powerful women.

The challenge?

  • How to describe programs that help women embrace their feminine power – especially at work.
  • Without using words that traditionally make you think male – like Power Tools
  • Or war – like Boot Camp.

For example, I’m trying to come up with a name for the monthly program.

  • Some months will feature specific skills – like negotiating with confidence.
  • And others focus on important issues – like how to get beyond being perfect.
  • Participants will have the option to attend a live recording session.

Then I build the rest of the package.

  • I’ll design a specific implementation guide
  • And identify some resources that support success around the topic of the month.
  • The videos, guides and resources are the monthly offering.

So what do I call this monthly product?

  • It’s more than just a training video.
  • And I want to use language that feels more feminine than male.
  • But also strong.

It’s not that easy to do.

  • It was a huge eye-opener for me to see how many words are male-biased.
  • Especially when talking about power and success.

Why don’t you give it a try?

  • What might you call my new monthly product?
  • Can you think of a name that leans more feminine than male – and is still strong and powerful?
  • The lack of feminine sounding words related to power are more proof of how important it is for every women to embrace her power.

Let me know how this challenge works for you – and if you come with a neat name, I would love to hear it!


Being More Powerful Can Help You Find Love in 2015

find-loveWhat does being powerful have to do with finding love?


When you feel powerful, you become irresistible.

  • You are more magnetic.
  • You walk with confidence.
  • You feel sexier.

The opposite of being powerful is to feel like a victim with no power.

  • When you feel powerless, your light is dimmer.
  • Your body language drags.
  • You don’t expect anything good to come your way – and it doesn’t.

See the difference? If your New Year’s Resolution is to find love in 2015, it’s time to boost your power.

What’s that?

You are worried men won’t like you if you feel powerful?

  • First of all, why would you want to find a man who likes you feeling weak?
  • Holding yourself down for a man will fester like black mold.
  • It isn’t pretty and eventually you will rise up or disappear.

When you embrace your natural feminine power you boost your desirability.

  • Life becomes easier for you.
  • You relax.
  • You laugh more.

Extra bonus, when you own your feminine power, life is better at work too.

  • Easier work creates less stress and means happier you.
  • You are more fun on dates.
  • You have more space for someone else.

One more thing… feeling powerful helps keep you safe when dating.

  • You have stronger boundaries.
  • You are less willing to settle for someone who’s not right for you.
  • You realize you bring value to the table.

If your goal is to find love in 2015, turn your power on!

Not sure how to be more powerful? Check out our 30 Days to a More Powerful You! Program. Class starts January 19th.

Disgust Almost Seduced Me

EiM Blog TourI am excited to be apart of the Emotion in Motion Blog Tour with Bernadette Pleasant along with other emotional and expressive women bloggers.

Learn more about it here: http://bit.ly/EmotioninMotion

I was assigned the emotion of disgust – not realizing at the time how it would raise up so brilliantly to give me something to write about!

My emotion in motion experience with disgust

James and I had a fun Christmas day.

  • First we opened gifts.
  • Then went to see Mary Poppins at the theater.
  • We were quite happy.

Decided to go to a Chinese restaurant for a late lunch.

  • We got our favorite table.
  • Food was fabulous.
  • Felt like quite a hot date.

20141225-the-checkThen we got the bill…

  • I looked at the total and the numbers did not make sense.
  • It was written by hand.
  • What we ordered was listed correctly.

The total was higher than expected.

  • I pulled out my calculator.
  • The waiter overcharged us.
  • He included a 20% tip in his total.

Emotions surged through me.

  • First I was confused and then mad.
  • Did he think we wouldn’t tip him?
  • (We had actually planned for a very generous tip since he was working on Christmas!)

I started to slide into total disgust.

  • Who did he think he was?
  • How dare he try to rip us off getting a double tip?
  • Didn’t he know I’m a blogger???

Thankfully James helped me realize how much I was escalating over a measly $4.00.

  • I took a few deep breaths and asked for a new total.
  • Got no apology, so left no tip.
  • Decided to let it go and enjoy the rest of my day.

When I meditated on the experience the next day, I could see the seductiveness of the downward spiral to disgust.

  • An old habit that no longer fit but still had a bit of allure.
  • I gave myself a big dose of love and thanks for the insight.
  • Sometimes it’s a challenge to be a human!

What do you do when a situation triggers negative emotions in you?

Bernadette Pleasant, the creator of Emotion in Motion has developed a safe and sacred day-long journey that engages the mind, body and soul. 


Who Is On Your Power Team?

I’m a big fan of the Michigan Women’s Basketball team for many reasons.

  • As a powerful woman, it’s important for me to support other women embracing their power.
  • The athletes are amazing.
  • And it’s a lot of fun to be at the games.

Before the team is introduced, they show a video of the women preparing for the game as the coach gives a talk.

My favorite parts go something like this…

We are one team. One goal. One mission.

Everyone is in it together. We are there for each other.

– Coach Kim Barnes Arico, Michigan Women’s Basketball

Some coaches use a more star-focused strategy.

  • The big star and sometimes another player or two own the game.
  • Everyone else exists to serve the star.

Michigan Women's BasketballCoach Arico’s strategy of one team is about all the women being powerful in service to the team.

  • The team stars – not individuals.
  • They seem to almost read each other’s minds.
  • When they are in this groove, their play is amazing.

I believe every woman who wants to be a powerful player in life, needs to play on a powerful team.

  • When you claim your power, you may be challenged.
  • People may try to steal your power.
  • Or block it.

When you have a team of women committed to being powerful together, your abilities geometrically expand.

  • When one is knocked down, others help her up.
  • When decisions are daunting, others are there to offer support.
  • When one wins, all celebrate and are raised higher.

It is up to you to build your team of powerful women.

  • They may be at your work – or not.
  • They may be in your town – or not.
  • They just need to exist to help you be your powerful best.

Who is on your power team?

If you don’t have a power team yet, check out the 30 Days to a More Powerful You program. You’ll be part of a vibrant community of women all focused on embracing a more powerful life.

Powerful Women Boost Profits

female-leadHow much money is your company losing because your female staff members do not feel as powerful as they could be?

  • When women feel powerful they are more likely to speak up at meetings.
  • They are also more likely to be heard by others.
  • Thus helping to boost profits for your organization.

Think about it… What’s the value of a good idea in your company?

For the ease of math, let’s say a typical idea or insight is worth $100.

Every day there are multiple opportunities for staff to share ideas and/or insights that can help your company.

Let’s also say a woman works 50 weeks a year.

(Yes, they may have more vacation, but how often do they truly get to unhook?)

If a woman does not feel powerful, she holds back from commenting and/or isn’t heard when she speaks.

  • If she holds back on one idea a week for a year, it costs you $5,000.
  • 1 woman X 50 weeks X $100 idea = $5,000.
  • How many women do you have working for your company?

If every woman holds back once a week because she doesn’t feel as powerful as she could at work, this number can rapidly add up.

  • 10 women X $5,000 = $50,000 potentially lost per year.
  • 20 women X $5,000 = $100,000 potentially lost per year.
  • (Adjust the numbers for your organization and check out the math.)

Let’s up the stakes a bit and assume women who do not feel powerful hold back or are not heard every day of the week.

(NOTE: It doesn’t really make sense to assume your female staff participate or are heard every day of the week but one.)

The math: 1 woman X 5 days X 50 weeks X $100/idea = $25,000 potential loss per woman per year.

  • 10 women X $25,000 = $250,000 potentially lost per year
  • 20 women X $25,000 = $500,000 potentially lost per year
  • (How many women did you say work for your company?)

Wonder how powerful the women at your work feel?

  • Observe what’s going on at your next meeting.
  • How often do the women speak up compared to the men?
  • How often do their ideas get respect and action – when compared to the ideas of the men around the table?

I recently surveyed 30 women from a group known for having powerful members about how powerful they felt at work.

  • On a scale of 1-10, with 10 high, their average response was 6.5.
  • That’s how powerful women felt.
  • What score do you think an average women from your company would give?

It’s in your best interest to help the women on your staff to feel more powerful at work.

  • When women feel powerful, they speak up more.
  • And your company benefits from all the great ideas and insights they have.
  • Providing training for women can be a profitable deal for your company.

EX:  The 30 Days to a More Powerful You program with weekly coaching costs just $399.

  •  Using the numbers above, a woman once trained to feel more powerful speaks up more just once a week, your company may earn an extra $5,000.
  • For every dollar spent on this training, you may get more than $12 back.
  • (It’s better than the stock market!)

Click here now to learn more about the 30 Days to a More Powerful You! program for women 



Power Starts with You

You don’t need permission to be powerful – especially when tapping into your feminine power.

  • You simply need to start claiming your power to be more powerful.
  • Power is born inside you.

Imagine this…

You’ve been feeling powerless at work.

  • No one listens to much of what you say.
  • Or if they do, they borrow your ideas.
  • AND take credit for the positive results.

You are mad about your situation.

You storm into your boss’s office, share what’s been going on and demand to be more respected, heard and appreciated.

In other words, you want to be more powerful in the office.

He says, “Fine. You are more powerful.”

He even sends out an email to the staff…

Attention Staff:

Please respect this woman. (Your name)

Listen to what she has to say – and stop taking credit for her ideas.

She is an important team player.

– The Boss

Now what?

If you go back to work the next day and change nothing inside you, you will be treated the way you’ve always been treated.

  • The energy you give off will still feel more victim than powerful.
  • Your behaviors will reinforce the way it has always been.
  • Your colleagues will respond accordingly.

If instead, you decide to own your power, you can change almost everything.

  • Because you feel more powerful, you will walk with confidence.
  • Your voice will have more authority.
  • You believe you will be heard – and expect to be respected.

People respond to you the way you communicate you with the world.

  • They may be shocked at the change.
  • And even test to see if you mean it.
  • However, if you stay internally powerful, their behaviors will eventually shift.

Power is an internal job expressed externally.

  • You may need to learn some new skills.
  • And look at situations from a different, more powerful, point of view.
  • The good news is this is all learnable.

If you want to be more powerful, you can be more powerful – and you don’t need an email from the boss to make it so.

If you haven’t been around a lot of powerful women or simply want to have the power skills broken down into simple, how-to steps for you, make sure you check out the Powerful Woman Program which starts January 12th.


Unleash Your Feminine Power

Want to feel more powerful at work – and in the rest of your life?

Age 2 CynthiaFrom the time I could talk, my dad started to teach me what it meant to be a powerful woman.

Today on the Delicious Life Show, I shared how to unleash your feminine power.

  • You’ll learn the difference between masculine and feminine power.
  • How to stop giving your power away to others.
  • As well as how to remove blocks to being more powerful.

After 20 years of training tens of thousands of leaders and executives be more effective as leaders, it’s time to help women be more powerful – whether administrative assistant, senior management or business owner.

This chat will help you start to take the steps to be more powerful right away. Enjoy!

 How well do you claim your feminine power?


Joy is Contagious

About two weeks ago, I shared a story and video with you of James dancing at the Michigan Women’s Basketball game.

  • There was a game again last night.
  • And James struck again.

This time, when he rushed to the aisle to dance in his glory for the dance-cam, a younger woman decided to join the fun.

  • Unknown to James, she was dancing a few steps behind him.
  • She followed his dance lead.
  • And made the steps look a lot more sexy! (Sorry James!)

They both had a blast – and so did the rest of us in the area.

(Here’s a direct link to the video if you don’t see it in this post.)

When is the last time you let your joy of life loose on a crowd?

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