Gladstoned Debut Rocked!

Gladstoned prep

Just got home from our first independent improv show at Pointless Brewery.

  • Independent as in without our teachers.
  • Just four of us from class – calling our troupe Gladstoned.
  • Pretending to be pros – in the making!

Gladstoned chanting

The time on stage flew.

  • We got a few laughs.
  • Got a little crazy.
  • The guys even did a magical chant about snowballs.


Gladstoned Steal

Emily and I refused to be outdone.

  • We stormed the stage.
  • Shrieking as we took over.
  • (Stealing the line from the guys!)

Gladstoned Done

This what relief and exultation looks like when we were done.

  • There’s a real high to doing three different sets of scenes for 20 minutes.
  • Without any scripts.
  • Based on the suggestions of people in the room.

I’m swinging from the chandeliers tonight!

  • For my Ann Arbor friends, if you didn’t make it tonight, no worries.
  • We’ve got our class show next Thursday, July 28th at 7 PM.
  • You can catch us then at Pointless Brewery!

For all of you… how do you make time to celebrate and recognize the joy you are bringing in your life?

Practice Makes Perfect

Gladstoned improv troupe

At least that’s the common rumor.

I’m not so sure for us.

I spent tonight practicing improv with my troupe.

  • We were outside.
  • On the roof of Zingerman’s Deli.
  • Entertaining the stray couple who happened upon us.

We have our first show tomorrow as an amateur act.

  • The troupe’s name is Gladstoned.
  • (Any guesses how we came up with it?)
  • I could try to claim it was part of my joy theme – but it wouldn’t be true.

At the last troupe BBQ we decided to enter the amateur show.

  • We needed a troupe name.
  • Couldn’t agree.
  • So added a “d” to the end of the name of the street we were on – very scientific.

Yes, our big show is tomorrow.

  • Our coaches helped prep us last night at class.
  • We practiced tonight.
  • Praying for tomorrow.

The show is at Pointless Brewery at 7:30 PM.

  • If you are in the Ann Arbor area, would love to have your enthusiastic support.
  • Tickets are only $5.
  • If you can’t make it, please have a virtual drink for us!

How do you stretch your comfort zones until you giggle with joy – or at least a good case of nerves?

How Do You Remember the Good Stuff?

Good stuff

During the last 48 hours, I identified at least three different things that would make great blog posts.

  • Funny stories.
  • Feel good angle.
  • Can’t remember them!

UGH! And yet, if you asked me what someone who was mean said to me five years ago, I can probably tell you.

  • The accidental goofs.
  • Rude drivers.
  • Crazy ex’s – all easy to remember.

I’m sort of shocked at how hard remembering the good of the last few days is.

  • And how easy it is to tap the less fun, ticked-off moments.
  • I’ve got some work to do in changing my emotional true north.
  • And need to just let go of some of that stuff!

How do you remember all the good that happens every day in your life?