Day 16 – The 8-Hour Meltdown Ruled


Have you ever been on a diet that didn’t last?

  • I used to do it all the time.
  • Start with good intentions in the morning.
  • By mid-afternoon, diet was something I was going to start another day.

I felt that temptation coming on this weekend.

  • It wasn’t an 8-hour meltdown like I described above.
  • However I did have a lot of the same feelings – screw this joy stuff!
  • I didn’t feel great and I didn’t want to be joyful about it.

So I embraced my 8-hour meltdown experience – and gave joy the boot!

  • I welcomed all the bummed out, angry and frustrated energy that kept kicking at my door.
  • I felt it full on.
  • For almost a full 24 hours.

I was grumpy.

  • Disconnected.
  • Napped.
  • And even cried a little.

Around noon yesterday, I was through the worse of it.

  • And started to get bored.
  • When I stopped resisting it wasn’t as fun.
  • I didn’t have anything to complain about because I just was.

An afternoon in the sunshine doing some yard work sealed the deal.

  • I was back to my new normal of being rather happy.
  • With a dose of periodic joy.
  • It felt so much better to be in this space.

Surrendering was my key.

  • Just falling into the grumpy anger made it eventually disappear.
  • And left me feeling sort of purified on the other side.

How have you used surrender to move through situations?

Day 15 – I Struggled with Joy


Yesterday was a rough day.

  • My girls went to doggy camp.
  • We are qualifying Ruby (my newer dog) for longer stays.
  • The house was eerily quiet.

The gray overcast loomed large.

  • The sky spit rain.
  • Seemingly continuously.
  • The heaviness of the weather weighed on me.

Then Prince died.

  • Prince was the ever present voice in so many adventures of my life.
  • I grew into womanhood with Prince.
  • I felt Prince down to my bones.

My Facebook feed flooded with grief.

  • The emotions of my friends overwhelmed me.
  • Bringing me to tears.
  • Making an already challenging day much darker.

While I could never be joyful that Prince died, I struggled how to infuse a little joy in the day.

  • I thought back to when Prince had played a bigger role in my life.
  • Giggled at some the shenanigans I got myself into.
  • Smiled as I stepped back into my frequently dancing body – boy I had some sexy moves!

While yesterday was not an overall joyful day, focusing on joy (even for moments) helped ease the pain.

  • Gave me a break from the bleakness.
  • Made me remember some really fun times.
  • Helped me release extra emotion that belonged to others.

How do you tap into joy on days that feel like a struggle to imagine joy?

Day 14 – I Break for Joy


Today was a busy morning.

  • Lots of work.
  • People to talk to.
  • Things to do on deadline.

One of my little joy reminders went off on my phone.

  • It asked me, “How joyful do you feel?”
  • The answer was not very.
  • The work was going smoothly – but I wasn’t feeling totally joyful.

I decided to take my phone’s advice and take a joy break.

  • James and the girls were going outside.
  • It was delightful and sunny.
  • I joined them for about 10 minutes.

I came back in smiling.

  • I was more relaxed
  • Work was easier.
  • I was definitely more joyful.

How do you make break for joy during your day?