Today is the BEST Day of My Life!!!

Best day

And I didn’t get married today!

Growing up, I often heard the best day of a woman’s life was the day she got married.

  • Brides were beautiful.
  • Princesses dressed in gorgeous dresses.
  • People gave gifts – and the bride got a husband!

After I got married, I started to worry.

  • Was that it for me as a woman?
  • If I didn’t have kids did I only get one best day of my life?
  • It was rather depressing to think about.

Fast forward to a little over a month ago.

  • I started to do Morning Pages. (I’ve never studied Julia Cameron; however know she is the concept creator.)
  • Every morning I dumped whatever was in my head onto three pages.
  • It was great way to release mind worms, worries and more.

After a while, I didn’t have as much of that stuff to write about.

  • I didn’t want to turn it into a journal about what I did the day before.
  • So I decided to write about my future.
  • As if it already happened.

Every morning has become a leap into potential for me.

  • After I do any dumping – yes, sometimes it’s still there.
  • Or work through an issue that needs some attention.
  • I totally enjoy raving about how wonderful my successes have been – even though I haven’t done them yet.

This practice has juiced my imagination.

  • I can try on different scenarios.
  • Claim all sorts of bold things for myself.
  • And start my day on quite a high.

Last week, I started to end every morning page session with “This is the best day of my life!!!”

  • I giggle every morning as I break the rule about weddings.
  • And find myself looking for proof about how amazing my day is.
  • Interestingly, I’ve been having some unexpected and fabulous experiences – sort of out of the blue.

Are my Morning Pages and my bold closing about the best day ever causing the bounty of joy coming my way?

  • I have no idea.
  • However, Mama didn’t raise a fool.
  • I’m going to keep writing every morning just in case it is.

How do you make every day the best day of your life?

Training with Weights So I Shimmy Better


One of my goals for this year is to have more fun.

  • It was a dusty value at the start of the year.
  • Needed some major CPR.
  • Now I’m trying to make sure almost everything I do has some fun to it.

Two weeks ago, I decided to go back to working out with my trainer Mollie.

  • She is amazing.
  • Tough.
  • Makes me do things I never thought I could do.

I’ve been hedging on returning to training for a while.

  • Getting back into shape takes a lot of energy.
  • Did I really want to rebuild? (Oh, the pain!)
  • Why was I doing it?

Mollie, bless her heart, stayed on top of me.

  • Checking in periodically.
  • Loving me as I am – no guilt allowed.
  • Welcoming me back with open arms.

So I added Mollie to my weekly workout.

  • I was already in belly dance class and having a blast.
  • I worried training with Mollie would not be as invigorating – and I was right.
  • I was exhausted in the first five minutes!!!

After my first session, I debated whether or not to keep training with Mollie.

  • As much as I adored her, it was not fun.
  • And it didn’t make sense why I was doing it.
  • Yes, I need to be in better shape – big deal.

I kept seeing Mollie – and last week the fun frame was finally revealed!

  • In belly dance class.
  • Learning a new isolation move, I had no problem identifying my muscles.
  • They already ached from seeing Mollie the day before.

In that moment, it seemed as though I just won the big jackpot in a Vegas casino!

  • Lights were flashing in my head.
  • Bells ringing and coins clanking!
  • Yes! I found the frame to make weightlifting more fun for me right now.

On Friday, I told Mollie she was training me so I could be a better belly dancer.

  • It made me giggle with glee to proclaim it to her.
  • And Mollie, being such a pro, didn’t miss a beat and totally agreed.
  • I am her first belly dance athlete!

Fascinatingly, since then, the pain after working out has been much less.

  • I’m excited to see what I can do in the gym knowing it will make me dance better.
  • As I watched myself dance in the mirror last night at class, I thought about how different I’ll look after a few more months with Mollie.
  • Applying my fun frame to training made a huge difference for me.

What frames do you need to change in your life to make life more fun?


Six-Month Update: I Feel Like a New Woman!

20150214_Before-WBCynthia at 6 months allergy free

My six-month anniversary of eating allergy-free happened a few days ago – thought I’d do a little update.

As you may remember, once I got the allergens out of my system, my weight dropped very quickly.

  • I lost 49 pounds in three months.
  • I was melting like butter.
  • And enjoying every minute of it!

Suddenly things slowed down.

  • I wasn’t sure why for a month or two.
  • Then I figured it out.
  • I thought I had cured my food allergies and had added some of them back into my daily eating.

I once again cracked down on the allergens.

My weight started to move again.

So how much have I lost?

  • I have no idea!
  • I don’t really care.
  • Plus my scale likes to play jokes on me saying I’m 300# – which I know I am absolutely NOT!

Did you catch one of the game-changers?

  • I don’t care what I weigh any more.
  • I’m eating healthy for me.
  • My clothes keep gradually getting too big for me. (I’m down three sizes and about to step down a fourth.)

Another game-changer: I’m really happy.

  • I zing with happiness every day.
  • I had to get used to it at first – felt rather weird to almost be buzzing inside.
  • Now I love it!

Not caring what I weigh (aka loving me more) and being happy is way beyond what I hoped for when I started this path six months ago!

  • Everything else is gravy.
  • And there’s a lot of everything else.
  • For example, I’ve learned how to successfully travel without missing a beat of eating healthy for me!

What’s ahead for me?

  • I’m continuing on my eating plan – it feels too good to jump ship.
  • I’m adding movement back into my life in fun ways – with belly dancing classes and lifting weights.
  • (I have a fantasy of running a 5K in a pink tutu this fall.)

A biggee for me: I’m going to stay focused on self-love.

  • Focusing on self-care is opening so many unexpected doors in delightful ways.
  • I’m kinder with myself.
  • And less bound by old rules – which is totally fun!

Thank you for your continued love and support on my journey.

  • I could not have done it without you.
  • Or maybe I could have – but it would have been a lot less fun!

Onward and upward!

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