Your Body Tells All – Are You Listening?

20141219_jcdatgameWe love attending the Michigan Women’s Basketball games.

  • The athletes are passionate.
  • The games intense.
  • We have season tickets.

Last night we decided to go over early to the game.

  • We have our favorite seats behind the team.
  • There was a big push to encourage attendance.
  • We wanted our spots.

Dressed in our Michigan fan gear, we left for the game.

  • The stadium is about four miles from our house.
  • About two miles into our drive, I realized I had forgotten our tickets at home.
  • So much for arriving early.

I turned the car around to go back to our house.

  • I was frustrated and disappointed.
  • I hate to arrive last minute and be rushed.
  • And I should have double checked before leaving.

My stomach started to twist and turn.

  • By the time I turned onto our street it was in a knot.
  • I felt ill.

James said to me, “You need to bring your energy back up.”

  • Huh?
  • What was he talking about?
  • I was being quiet in my pain and disappointment – or so I thought.

My body was in full contraction mode.

  • When we contract, we block our power.
  • Our bodies give off messages to others when we are contracted as well.
  • James knew I was beating myself up and crumpling – he didn’t know how sick I was feeling.

When he ran into the house to get the tickets, I did a scan of my body.

  • I decided to just let go.
  • We probably missed being in an accident by turning around.
  • Plus we were right on time given our early start.

As soon as I made the decision to let go, my stomach felt fine.

  • James could tell the difference when he got in the car.
  • I was once again ready to have a good time.
  • And it showed.

Anyone else notice how your body talks to you by contracting – and the impact it has on others?

What Does Your Body Say?


  • Great clothes.
  • Fabulous hair.
  • Perfect makeup.

All trumped by how you hold your body.

  • When you don’t feel powerful it shows.
  • In how you sit or stand.
  • The way you hold your head.

Power is an internal job expressed externally.

  • It’s all about you.
  • Wonderful, amazing you.
  • You aren’t broken – you just need to unleash your power.

If a hidden camera took a photo of you at work today, what would your body say about your power?

Real Contact Still Matters

eye-seeMelanie (not her real name) is chair of a fairly powerful team for her professional association.

  • She worked her way up to chair.
  • It’s her year to shine.
  • And further establish herself as a powerful leader.

Her association invested in online space for all their volunteer efforts.

  • Melanie is an avid user.
  • Posts everything in the system.
  • Even lets it auto-send meeting notices.

All members need to do is remember to check in periodically.

  • But they don’t.
  • So meetings are missed.
  • Members are frustrated.

There is also grumbling about Melanie as a leader.

  • They don’t feel like a team.
  • She doesn’t send personal emails.
  • They thought she would “be a better leader.”

Melanie is using a high-tech, low-touch approach that’s leaving people cold.

  • When people like you and trust you, your power base grows.
  • The lack of personal touch is detracting from Melanie’s power reputation.
  • She needs to start using regular emails to her team in addition to the online space to rebuild connection and emotional bond.

Do members of your team feel emotionally connected to you?


Pop Went the Tire!

snowy-drivingLast week I flew home in the middle of a nasty and frigid snowstorm.

  • I wasn’t arriving until 7:30 PM.
  • I asked James to bring an extra blanket with him.
  • I had worn lighter clothes and was not prepared for the chill.

When James picked me up he was already a bit frazzled.

  • The roads were slippery.
  • The snow made it hard to see.
  • Although just under 30 miles away, it had taken him forever to get to the airport.

We got my luggage in the car and me bundled with the blanket.

  • Slowly pulled back out to drive home.
  • My intuition was going wild with red flags.
  • When we turned onto the main road, I found out why.

James suddenly hit something on the road.

  • We bounced a bit.
  • I broke a nail.
  • Pop went our tire.

Thankfully we were across the street from the airport cell phone lot and able to get the car over there.

  • Unluckily, it was -15 wind chill and snowing like crazy.
  • We had an almost flat spare tire in the trunk.
  • And the tire jack had rusted to the car – never used in more than 10 years.

I called AAA and started focusing on my breathing like I do when I meditate.

  • It took almost a half hour to get a live person on the phone.
  • They predicted it would take two hours for someone to get to us.
  • Could we stay warm for that long?

We cycled the car engine on for a few minutes to warm us up, then off for a lot more.

  • We weren’t sure how long it would take – what if it was three hours?
  • Plus, we wondered how long would it take us to get home with a tiny spare tire given the storm.
  • I was thankful James had brought the extra blanket for me!

The AAA guy showed up an hour early.

  • Blew up our spare.
  • Confirmed no damage to tie rods.
  • And got us ready to go.

The drive home on 1-94 was nerve-wrecking.

  • The front right tire was smaller than the other three and had NO traction.
  • The road was a mess of snow and ice.
  • People were still driving fast.

We finally got home almost three hours after James initially picked me up.

  • We were tired but okay.
  • I was in a very peaceful place.
  • My months of meditating every day had paid off big time.

How do you stay strong when it would be so easy to feel like a victim?


The Little Water Hose That Could

snow-tongueOn Wednesday morning, I was scheduled to fly to St. Louis.

  • It was bitter cold out.
  • Sub-zero windchill.
  • Had a nerve-wracking drive to the Detroit airport.

To my surprise and delight, my flight was on time.

  • I boarded the plane and got comfortable.
  • The attendant mentioned the plane didn’t need to be de-iced.
  • And then the captain made the announcement…

“We are going to be delayed due to a water hose being stuck to the plane.”

  • The plane next to us blew snow on us when they pushed back.
  • One of the ground crew jumped into action – he knew that snow would make us have to take time for de-icing.
  • He grabbed a nearby water hose and sprayed the snow to make it go away.

As you can guess, given the -21 wind chill, the ground crew guy iced the plane brilliantly.

  • I’m betting he freaked out and tossed the water hose down.
  • It immediately froze solid to the wing..
  • The crew couldn’t remove the hose from the plane without hurting the plane.

A single water hose grounded a plane that carried almost 200 people.

  • When the captain made his announcement, people giggled.
  • Anyone remember sticking their tongue to an icy pole?
  • Luckily, no one started singing “Let It Go!”

The frozen hose triggered a big domino effect that lasted an hour.

  • Once finally removed, we had to wait for the ground crew to finish mandatory warming up so they could push us back.
  • Then, of course, we were off to the de-icing station.
  • Thankfully, the rest of my travel that day was much easier!

Makes me think about being more powerful…How often do we let potentially avoidable little things hold us back?

Being More Powerful Can Help You Find Love in 2015

find-loveWhat does being powerful have to do with finding love?


When you feel powerful, you become irresistible.

  • You are more magnetic.
  • You walk with confidence.
  • You feel sexier.

The opposite of being powerful is to feel like a victim with no power.

  • When you feel powerless, your light is dimmer.
  • Your body language drags.
  • You don’t expect anything good to come your way – and it doesn’t.

See the difference? If your New Year’s Resolution is to find love in 2015, it’s time to boost your power.

What’s that?

You are worried men won’t like you if you feel powerful?

  • First of all, why would you want to find a man who likes you feeling weak?
  • Holding yourself down for a man will fester like black mold.
  • It isn’t pretty and eventually you will rise up or disappear.

When you embrace your natural feminine power you boost your desirability.

  • Life becomes easier for you.
  • You relax.
  • You laugh more.

Extra bonus, when you own your feminine power, life is better at work too.

  • Easier work creates less stress and means happier you.
  • You are more fun on dates.
  • You have more space for someone else.

One more thing… feeling powerful helps keep you safe when dating.

  • You have stronger boundaries.
  • You are less willing to settle for someone who’s not right for you.
  • You realize you bring value to the table.

If your goal is to find love in 2015, turn your power on!


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