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2017 Canadian Rockies

This is the early part of the drive. The dark specks closer to the mountains are cattle. Tons of cattle!

Last week, I was surprised at how many people had their noses glued to their devices while driving through the Canadian Rockies.

  • Sure Calagary to Banff was a two-hour ride.
  • And the bus provided power outlets.
  • But we were surrounded by nonstop beauty for the bulk of the ride…

I loved the view and tried to capture what I was seeing.

Decided to share some with you today.

Canadian Rockies

At first glace, it looks like a big hill. Then when you notice the trees in the foreground, you get a feel for how big the Canadian Rockies are! (We were already half way up the mountains at this point.)

Appreciating beauty is a way to take back control of your body when a day is feeling rather less than.

You get a touch of joy for a least a moment or two.

How do create bursts of joy when you don’t feel joyful?

Canadian Rockies

This is one of my favorite photos. We were almost to Banff and the sun was in transition – about to start setting. It felt magical to be up there! (I’m smiling just looking at the photo.)

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