Oh My Gosh – I Did It!

oh my gosh

Sunday morning I was a nervous wreck.

  • Not because of a speaking engagement.
  • I love speaking – it’s a true high for me.
  • It was more.

I tested my wings in ways never done before.

  • I formally auditioned for a spot in an improv troupe.
  • Comedy auditions were new to me.
  • (Sure I tried out for a competitive spot in a choir ensemble in 10th grade – only a few years ago – this was different!)

I had no idea what would happen.

  • They asked us to be prepared to stay for three hours.
  • To do scenes with people I had never met.
  • And who knows what?

Thankfully one of my class troupe members was also trying out.

  • Although we did nothing together.
  • It was calming to have him there.
  • Helped me get in my normal space.

I rocked the audition.

  • Felt good in my skin.
  • Was super responsive to people.
  • Played all in – totally bold.

(Drum roll please…) A few minutes ago I officially accepted a spot on the Ann Arbor Civic Theater Mid-Form Improv troupe!

  • The coach plans to get us out performing as much as possible.
  • (Yes, we use a sexier name for the troupe in public.)
  • Can’t wait to start!

I’m beyond excited.

Going swing from the chandelier for a while – until it’s time to do my Powerful Woman Group Coaching session this afternoon!

How are you taking risks to bring more joy in your life?

2 comments on “Oh My Gosh – I Did It!
  1. Kendra Erkamaa says:

    Stand up for what I believe in with respect and kindness! I’m going to start making some phone calls.

  2. Love it Kendra! You go girl! Can’t wait to hear some brags coming from you soon.

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