Moments Add Up

Cynthia and James moments

Today was a doozy.

  • Emotions flying high thanks to the inauguration.
  • Updates every where you turn.
  • Easy to get lost in the wild ride of passion.

With days like this, joy still matters.

  • While you may not feel joyful about the big picture.
  • You can still find joy in the moments.
  • This kind of joy helps you to ground yourself.

For me, it was a chain of little things.

  • I finally ordered some shoes I wanted and saved an extra $20 due to taking action today.
  • Thanks to a new service offered by Sprint, my phone now works in Mexico and Canada for free.
  • And the nice customer service rep walked me through adjusting my phone settings to make everything work.

James was also a big part of my joy moments today.

  • He edited an article I wrote.
  • Ran to the store to get me some food for my week on the road.
  • Making my way-too-early departure tomorrow as easy as possible.

All of these little moments of joy, gave my body some relief – and kept overwhelm at bay.

What kind of joy moments did you notice today?

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