My Magic Joy Elixir Revealed


Earlier this week, I shared my struggle to get my joy back.

  • Somehow I fell of the horse.
  • And the darn thing was eluding me.
  • No matter how hard I tried.

I’ve been running dry this winter.

  • It’s been cold-cool-cold.
  • I kept my bed heated through it all.
  • And often woke up parched as a result

Yesterday, I noticed my skin was unusually flaky.

  • Something I never experience.
  • Made me wonder.
  • Could it be I was more dehydrated than I thought I was?

So I started to pound the water.

  • By the third glass that morning I felt pressure lifting.
  • Down five by noon and feeling much better.
  • What if my issue was simply being dehydrated?

Today I’ve continued my intense drinking pace.

  • My headache is almost gone.
  • My body feels more relaxed.
  • I feel much happier – finally.

I’m stilling in testing phase, yet am seeing such difference, I’m officially proclaiming water my magic elixir of joy!

Are you drinking enough water to reach joy today?


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