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I Couldn’t Help Myself!

potty warning in plane

I flew a lot last week.

  • Often tired.
  • Numb.
  • Wishing I could just beam myself to the next location.

Until I went to the bathroom in one of the planes.

  • I sat down.
  • Looked to the right.
  • And started to laugh.

The 10 year old in me was totally delighted!

  • Never noticed that warning before.
  • Was it true?
  • I debated whether to give it a try or not.

Visions of options flew through my mind.

  • If I stay seated would I go flying in space?
  • Be soaked with everything in the tank instead?
  • Giggled so loudly I’m sure they heard me in first class too!

Scrambled through my clothes for my phone for a photo.

  • Inquiring minds want to know!
  • Giggle. Giggle.

What would you do? Flush seated or obey the sticker?

Moments Add Up

Cynthia and James moments

Today was a doozy.

  • Emotions flying high thanks to the inauguration.
  • Updates every where you turn.
  • Easy to get lost in the wild ride of passion.

With days like this, joy still matters.

  • While you may not feel joyful about the big picture.
  • You can still find joy in the moments.
  • This kind of joy helps you to ground yourself.

For me, it was a chain of little things.

  • I finally ordered some shoes I wanted and saved an extra $20 due to taking action today.
  • Thanks to a new service offered by Sprint, my phone now works in Mexico and Canada for free.
  • And the nice customer service rep walked me through adjusting my phone settings to make everything work.

James was also a big part of my joy moments today.

  • He edited an article I wrote.
  • Ran to the store to get me some food for my week on the road.
  • Making my way-too-early departure tomorrow as easy as possible.

All of these little moments of joy, gave my body some relief – and kept overwhelm at bay.

What kind of joy moments did you notice today?

Crazy Day Cure

two dogs

Some times, all you need to do to stop the crazy is take a breath. Look around with fresh eyes. Notice the love and joy already in your life.

What have you been not seeing in front of you today?

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