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2017 Canadian Rockies

This is the early part of the drive. The dark specks closer to the mountains are cattle. Tons of cattle!

Last week, I was surprised at how many people had their noses glued to their devices while driving through the Canadian Rockies.

  • Sure Calagary to Banff was a two-hour ride.
  • And the bus provided power outlets.
  • But we were surrounded by nonstop beauty for the bulk of the ride…

I loved the view and tried to capture what I was seeing.

Decided to share some with you today.

Canadian Rockies

At first glace, it looks like a big hill. Then when you notice the trees in the foreground, you get a feel for how big the Canadian Rockies are! (We were already half way up the mountains at this point.)

Appreciating beauty is a way to take back control of your body when a day is feeling rather less than.

You get a touch of joy for a least a moment or two.

How do create bursts of joy when you don’t feel joyful?

Canadian Rockies

This is one of my favorite photos. We were almost to Banff and the sun was in transition – about to start setting. It felt magical to be up there! (I’m smiling just looking at the photo.)

Oh My Gosh – I Did It!

oh my gosh

Sunday morning I was a nervous wreck.

  • Not because of a speaking engagement.
  • I love speaking – it’s a true high for me.
  • It was more.

I tested my wings in ways never done before.

  • I formally auditioned for a spot in an improv troupe.
  • Comedy auditions were new to me.
  • (Sure I tried out for a competitive spot in a choir ensemble in 10th grade – only a few years ago – this was different!)

I had no idea what would happen.

  • They asked us to be prepared to stay for three hours.
  • To do scenes with people I had never met.
  • And who knows what?

Thankfully one of my class troupe members was also trying out.

  • Although we did nothing together.
  • It was calming to have him there.
  • Helped me get in my normal space.

I rocked the audition.

  • Felt good in my skin.
  • Was super responsive to people.
  • Played all in – totally bold.

(Drum roll please…) A few minutes ago I officially accepted a spot on the Ann Arbor Civic Theater Mid-Form Improv troupe!

  • The coach plans to get us out performing as much as possible.
  • (Yes, we use a sexier name for the troupe in public.)
  • Can’t wait to start!

I’m beyond excited.

Going swing from the chandelier for a while – until it’s time to do my Powerful Woman Group Coaching session this afternoon!

How are you taking risks to bring more joy in your life?

Wanna Selfie with Me?

Selfie of Cynthia

Last week, I gave a program on how to take a better selfie.

  • It was part of a conference kick-off.
  • My goal was to break the ice for the event.
  • And boy did we!

Taking a good selfie is a must-have skill for everyone these days.

  • And yet, many still resist.
  • They don’t like how they look – even some of the beautiful people!
  • Or, they never really learned how to do it.

Speaking for 20 years professionally, I’ve been photographed a ton.

  • Also interviewed fabulous fashion photographers for a podcast show.
  • The result?
  • I know interesting body facts to take off years and pounds when used.

We had the entire room on their feet shooting photographs like crazy.

  • Different angles, different poses, different looks.
  • It’s amazing what difference a few inches can make!
  • Or taking photos in what feels like a really wrong way!

2017 cynthia selfie finalParticipants snapped selfies so quickly, even the reluctant folks got caught up in the fun of the experience.

  • We shot more than 30 photos in 30 minutes!
  • People took photos like crazy throughout the entire meeting.
  • Lots of happy new friends.

Playing with angles on my phone camera fascinates me – and sharing my insights brings great joy.

  • What can share that lights you up with joy?
  • The photo here at the end was taken sitting on a wooden throne at the Fairmont in Banff Springs.
  • (Had to be a good role model and walk, er, shoot the talk!)

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