Monthly Archives: September 2009

Only In His Dreams

   He failed reality!

Today I got a call.

  • From a man named Angel.
  • Perhaps that was a sign.
  • The call was going to be out of this world?


  • He launched into his pitch.
  • His team was going to transform our government relations efforts.
  • Huh?

I tried to stop him – he pressed on.

  • They knew how to get members involved.
  • Could build a grassroots team.
  • And were ready to help me.

I talked loudly to get his attention.

  • Told him I was not an association.
  • His response?
  • “Fine!” and then slammed the phone.

This call was bad on so many levels.

  • He didn’t do research in advance.
  • Didn’t ask me any questions.
  • Assumed he knew the solution I needed.

Also didn’t realize I’m friends with the VP at his organization – bummer for him!

Makes me think of chapter leaders…Do you learn what prospective members specifically want before you start selling them on the value of membership?

The Power of a Hug

   Even if it’s virtual!

This past week my world was stretched…

  • The Lazy Leader Road Show was finally starting.
  • About to leave for the airport.
  • Got call Dad was on way to hospital.

I had no choice.

  • I had to fly.
  • I was worried about Dad.
  • And needed a strong debut of the Road Show.

Before leaving, I mentioned something on Facebook about being torn.

  • It took a few hours to get to Nashville.
  • And then to the hotel in Murfreesboro.
  • I was drained by conflicting emotions.

That night I checked into my Facebook page.

  • Discovered several friends had made comments of support.
  • And sent virtual hugs.
  • I cried with the caring.

The virtual outreach was just what I needed.

  • I didn’t feel so alone in the world.
  • Others had walked in my shoes.
  • Their comments touched my heart.

Until that day I didn’t get the power of the virtual hug.

  • I saw Facebook friends share pain and losses.
  • And often gave virtual hugs.
  • Now I get the gift I was giving.

My Facebook friends helped me get through a tough week and shine as needed – in spite of everything going on in my life.

(Thank you friends…)

Makes me think of chapter leaders…which of your members need a virtual hug today?

Did He Think He Was a Psychic?

   Ah the joys of email.

“NOW is the time to focus on YOUR business.”

  • That was the lead-in.
  • Frankly it irked me.
  • Can you guess why?

The guru insulted me from the get go.

  • Assumed my business is struggling.
  • Without even asking me a single question.
  • The copy that followed reinforced how dumb he thinks I am.

It’s always time to focus on one’s business.

  • Whether the economy is good or bad.
  • There are challenges to solve.
  • And new directions to explore.

He lost my eyes in only nine words.

Makes me think of chapter leaders…do you regularly manage the challenges of your chapter – or need a crisis to wake you up?