Inspired by Glee

I’m in.

Last night I watched Glee.

It’s a new TV show about building a glee club in high school. I’m a sucker for those kinds of shows. (Can’t wait to see the new Fame movie either.)

I sang for several years growing up.

Was in a competitive choir. Ensemble groups. And church choir. [...]

“Your Vote Requested” is the New Spam

Please stop.

Crowdsourcing is the sexy name.

It’s simply old-fashioned polling. Vote on your favorites. Decide which person/idea/thing wins.

It picked up speed with reality shows.

Vote for the best. Decide who leaves. (Like my one vote really matters.)

TV voting was okay.

I chose to watch the show. Didn’t have to pick up [...]

Space the Final Frontier


This weekend I finally saw the new Star Trek movie.

James had been begging for a while. He loved it and I thought I would too. I was skeptical.

Basically Star Trek got a new life.

It was the same Star Trek. And it wasn’t. Much more than just a remake.

More like [...]

Leadership Fun for Labor Day Weekend

Why not?

The holiday weekend is calling…

Family and friends. Fishing? Fun.

It’s also a great time to prep your leadership skills for this fall!

That’s fun, right? Of course it is. Here are simple three things you can do.

1. Join the Chapter Leaders Playground.

The $50 membership is FREE this weekend. Listen [...]

You’re Welcome to Join Our Important Call

You’ll be on mute.

It’s a new year.

New committee. New chair. Keen on engagement.

Invites committee members to join monthly call.

Between leadership. Members will be muted. Questions can be emailed AFTER the call.

The chair’s intentions are good.

Wants people educated. In the loop. Excited about what’s going on.

And message communicated [...]