Daily Archives: September 30, 2009

Sorry to Interrupt Your Call

   With your boyfriend!

Yesterday I was in Washington, DC for a meeting at ASAE’s office.

  • It’s an easy Metro hop to the airport.
  • Usually.
  • Yesterday, not so much.

I had my brick-filled suitcase and briefcase with me.

  • The escalator was broken.
  • Wasn’t sure I could carry all down the steps.
  • Without landing on my head.

Saw the Metro worker in the information booth.

  • Decided to ask where I could find an elevator.
  • Found the space designated for people asking questions.
  • And waited.

The Metro worker was talking to her boyfriend.

  • Tried to ignore me.
  • As she cooed and blew kisses.
  • I decided to see how long it would take her to respond to me.

Three minutes later she acknowledged me.

  • Announced loudly, “a stupid tourist” was bothering her.
  • Made a face at me.
  • Put boyfriend on hold.

I asked where I could find an elevator.

  • “Not at this stop!” she growled as she slammed the door shut.
  • Turned back to her phone.
  • And waved me a way.


  • Oh to be so in love.
  • To feel justified in being rude to others.
  • Who dared to ask you to do your job.

I lugged my bricks down those stairs and luckily did not fall.

Makes me think of chapter leaders – does love for your chapter (as it is) ever get in the way of making new ideas feel welcomed?

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