Daily Archives: September 28, 2009

Still Dancing to the Tune in My Head

   And going strong.

Lynn Morton tagged me for the Gen-X meme.

  • Started by Maddie Grant.
  • Asks if Gen-Xers have sold out.
  • (Yes, I’m a Gen-Xer.)

When first out of college I was a certified job- hopper.

  • I had something like 10 jobs in just a few years.
  • Fit was more important than sticking around.
  • (Drove my parents CRAZY!)

I’m still dancing to the tune in my head.

  • Owning my business makes a big difference.
  • I have more control over how I play.
  • (And it’s fun to see if my staff can keep up.)

Sure I got my MBA a few years ago.

  • It was fascinating to interact with those dedicated to big corporations.
  • Like studying an alternative life form.
  • Biggest lesson beyond biz stuff – I am on the right path for me.

I’m still working on saving the world.

I’ve made a point to not sell out.

  • I like playing with the alternative points of view.
  • Unplugging on weekends when I don’t have to travel.
  • Living large with bright, red hair.

What about you?

Makes me think of chapter leaders…does your chapter still have an edge – or has it sold out and become a bland, interchangeable cog of the association machine?