Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

Your Poor Time Management

   Is not my problem.

I recently agreed to help out an organization.

  • I’ve belonged for a while.
  • It’s a strategic effort.
  • Seemed like a good fit.

The process involves a series of gates.

  • Part A must happen before Part B, etc.
  • I’m Part B.
  • We all committed to a timeline over a month ago.

Haven’t heard from Part A.

  • Sent an email.
  • Was told they got involved in other work stuff.
  • This is now a lower priority.

The crunch is on.

  • Part C is a hard deadline.
  • It’s a meeting.
  • No wiggle room.

I’m frustrated.

  • I expected at least two weeks to review materials.
  • Instead I might get four days
  • In an already busy week.

It’s not fair.

  • My work will get a lot of exposure.
  • The quality reflects on me professionally.
  • I may take the hit for Part A’s crummy time management.

Feeling a tad grumpy.

Makes me think of chapter leaders…how do you manage the flow of volunteer work in your chapter?