Daily Archives: September 16, 2009

Did He Think He Was a Psychic?

   Ah the joys of email.

“NOW is the time to focus on YOUR business.”

  • That was the lead-in.
  • Frankly it irked me.
  • Can you guess why?

The guru insulted me from the get go.

  • Assumed my business is struggling.
  • Without even asking me a single question.
  • The copy that followed reinforced how dumb he thinks I am.

It’s always time to focus on one’s business.

  • Whether the economy is good or bad.
  • There are challenges to solve.
  • And new directions to explore.

He lost my eyes in only nine words.

Makes me think of chapter leaders…do you regularly manage the challenges of your chapter – or need a crisis to wake you up?

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