Daily Archives: September 14, 2009

The Mystery of Free


Newspapers have struggled in Ann Arbor.

  • The Detroit Free Press dropped to twice a week.
  • The Ann Arbor News totally died.
  • AnnArbor.com (replacement) is not my cup of tea.

The Ann Arbor Journal was a delightful discovery.

  • Delivered once a week.
  • For free.
  • Interesting articles.

I was hooked.

  • Thursday (delivery day) became my favorite day.
  • Enjoyed greeting evening.
  • Reading the Journal on my porch.

This past week that all changed.

  • We didn’t get a Journal.
  • In spite of looking in the bushes.
  • And under the cars.

The implications of free were frustrating!

  • I didn’t have a right to call and complain.
  • No one would drive a replacement over.
  • The free paper was a gift – not a commitment.

On Sunday I learned the rest of the story.

  • James got home from Chicago.
  • I complained about my missing paper.
  • He told me he brought it in before he left. UGH!

Mystery solved!

Make me think of chapter leaders…Will anyone complain if your chapter disappears?