Daily Archives: September 9, 2009

“Your Vote Requested” is the New Spam

   Please stop.

Crowdsourcing is the sexy name.

  • It’s simply old-fashioned polling.
  • Vote on your favorites.
  • Decide which person/idea/thing wins.

It picked up speed with reality shows.

  • Vote for the best.
  • Decide who leaves.
  • (Like my one vote really matters.)

TV voting was okay.

  • I chose to watch the show.
  • Didn’t have to pick up the phone.
  • It was a pretty non-invasive experience.

No more.

  • Now crowdsourcing is everywhere.
  • It’s the hottest new way.
  • Vote today!

Examples from my inbox…

  • Here are 10 things that might be on sale Saturday, vote for top 5.
  • We are planning our magazine, vote for your favorite topics.
  • And the almost hourly requests for votes for a week from multiple folks trying to be picked to speak at SXSW.


  • My inbox overflows with requests to vote.
  • The novelty of crowdsourcing is dying.
  • (If not yet, soon.)

I need a vacation from crowdsourcing!

(Shall we vote on where I should go to relax?)

Makes me think of chapter leaders…how do you know when it’s time to shift gears with your members so your communications don’t become spam?