Daily Archives: September 4, 2009

Leadership Fun for Labor Day Weekend

   Why not?

The holiday weekend is calling…

  • Family and friends.
  • Fishing?
  • Fun.

It’s also a great time to prep your leadership skills for this fall!

  • That’s fun, right?
  • Of course it is.
  • Here are simple three things you can do.

1. Join the Chapter Leaders Playground.

  • The $50 membership is FREE this weekend.
  • Listen to the archived “Delegating for Outrageous Results.”
  • (Actually, you can listen later – just make sure you join this weekend.)

2. Get Your Lazy Leader On.

3. Register for the Lazy Leader Road Show Tour

  • I’m doing 2-hour public seminars this fall – to transform America.
  • Price to attend only $10-19/person!
  • It’s a two-minute action with major potential.

Now that your leadership skills have moved forward at least a little, go kick back and have a fab Labor Day Weekend!

Makes me think of chapter leaders…how do you help make it easier for your members be more successful?