The Answer to My Dreams Exists

I just found the answer to my dreams.

Have you ever felt like you just have too much stuff on your plate – and some of it is the stuff you really don’t like to do? For me, it’s the detail type work. Or planning an event when I’m already on overdrive.

Well, today, I [...]

Properly Minding One’s Ps and Qs

How well do you mind your Ps and Qs? According to my parents, this means using good manners.

Last night, I attended a program featuring Marci Raver, CEO and Chief Etiquette Officer for Contemporary Etiquette who lead us through an interesting hour-long discussion about how to properly give thank to others.

Did you know you [...]

My Computer Showed Who’s the Boss Today!

At 12:45 PM today, I discovered my laptop locked in The Twilight Zone – AUGHHH!!! I felt like I was on the show!

My computer would not turn off – or allow me to access any programs. All I could see was a lovely photo of Raindrop, our dog – and none of my desktop [...]

Toddler Art Fuels New Ideas

Have you ever had a writer’s block – but for a problem you needed to solve?

I’ve been having a thinking block for the last few days. I hate when it happens. I wondered if part of the cause was plain old information overload…

According to a white paper on The Expanding Digital Universe, the [...]

Dreamy Raindrop Creates Space for Review

Last night, around 3:47 AM, Raindrop was such a noisy dreamer she woke me up.

Yes, I’ll confess. She sleeps in our bedroom. Usually the noise is not too bad – James always wins any snoring competition between the two of them.

Anyhow, last night she was so loud with a snort we wondered if [...]

Eat, Drink – and Create Committed Members?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes a simple idea can generate a lot of positive impact – perhaps more than you expected?

I spent a few hours this morning at a “Fireside Chat” with certified speaking professional Joyce Weiss. The ten of us gathered at Joyce’s home as part of a community-building program sponsored by [...]

Lesson from Michigan’s First Gentleman

Jennifer Granholm is the first woman serving as Michigan’s Governor. Her husband, Dan Mulhern, is Jennifer’s number one fan, a consultant – and a new author of a book on leadership.

Last night, James and I had the pleasure of hearing Dan speak about his book Everyday Leadership: Getting Results in Business, Politics and Life [...]

Cold Reply Blew Hot Opportunity

When I first moved to Ann Arbor, I didn’t know anyone besides James. I joined a local chapter and was very active for a few years. Then my life changed quite a bit – and I moved away from the group.

That was about 10 years ago.

I’ve always had a warm place in my [...]