Suggestions Needed for the Intergalactic Holiday

intergalactic holiday

I need some help.

  • The intergalactic holiday is almost upon us.
  • The celebration starts next Thursday.
  • I want to infuse it with joy.

Birthdays were not a big deal for me growing up.

  • They were literally painful when I was young.
  • I had tonsillitis almost every year on my birthday.
  • Thankfully my tonsils were removed in sixth grade.

I still didn’t get the big birthday celebration.

  • My brother’s birthday was five days after mine.
  • My mom and dad both worked.
  • We often had to share a birthday cake.

Then my brother married a woman who’s birthday was the same day as mine.

  • (What were the odds of that happening?)
  • Obsessed with being fair, my mom often gave my sister-in-law and I the exact same gifts.
  • And we were very different people!

Fast forward to my commitment to joy…

  • It’s time to break old habits.
  • MY old habits of downplaying and not liking anything birthday.
  • To try something new.

I need your help and ideas.

  • James is all for anything that makes me happy.
  • Eating out is not that fun due to my food allergies.
  • And I don’t really want stuff – I have enough.

What might a joyful birthday experience be if not a restaurant meal or things?

  • Do you have any deliciously fun ideas?
  • I need help getting my imagination off the ground here.

Please share your ideas below in the comments.

Muscle Memory Rocks – My Hips Unlocked!

hips-rolling walk

Last night in belly dance class we worked on our walks.

  • We lined up across from the mirror to see our body as we moved.
  • Jen, my teacher, gave the instructions.
  • Right – hip up. Left – hip up…

I was transported back in time watching my hip-rolling walk!

  • I remembered becoming aware of the power of a woman’s hips in sixth grade.
  • I practiced for hours walking with my hips exaggerated.
  • Ooooh yeah! I was almost grown up!

Fast forward to college, stiletto heels and nights at the clubs.

  • By that time, I had my walk down pat.
  • It was slow, swinging and mesmerizing.
  • My walk was my not-so-secret weapon in my man-hunting maneuvers.

I’m not sure why or when my hip-rolling walk disappeared.

  • Did I use up my subscription for the walk?
  • Shut it down when I taught eighth grade?
  • Leave my body for a life focused in my head?

Whatever the reason, the walk came back last night – big time.

  • Muscle memory activated.
  • I couldn’t stop giggling in class.
  • Suddenly a lot of the belly dance moves I’ve been learning made sense.

My hips are still awake this morning.

  • I’m going to spend the weekend figuring out my new relationship with them.
  • I could just let my hips fly when doing belly dance.
  • BUT, I’m still giggling too much thinking about unleashing them regularly on the world!

What joy-inspired moves are hidden in your muscle memory?


Is It Time to Let Go?

let go

Last night my improv troupe hashed our show from last week.

  • What did we hear from others?
  • What went well?
  • What did we wonder about?

One of the topics that came up was when to let go of an idea.

  • In improv, there is no script.
  • Audience members may offer suggestions.
  • Scene partners have ideas too.

Sometimes, your scene partner has no idea what you are talking about when you pitch the initial frame.

  • You can make a strong opening statement.
  • And they take the ball and run a totally different direction than you expected.
  • When do you let go of your vision for the scene and dance with your partner to uncharted territory?

That conversation hit home hard for me.

  • For much I’ve my life, I’ve been the responsible one.
  • Marge in Charge.
  • Trying to take care of too many people.

Doing improv, I’m supposed to say the first thing that comes to mind.

  • And play with my scene partner.
  • No matter how they respond.
  • It’s all about co-creation.

In the beginning, there were times where I felt sick because I let go.

  • To my surprise the world did not end when I loosened the reins.
  • I had to work through a little (some) (okay maybe a lot of) guilt.
  • And even had some fun not being in charge.

Doing improv gave me a safe space to explore giving control to others.

  • It took a few weeks to embrace.
  • Now I like not being in charge all the time – in all areas of my life.
  • It’s shocking to some – which makes it even funnier!

What is it time for you to let go of in your life for at least for a little bit?