I Zipped Up the Stairs – And Almost Fell Back Down


On January 6th, I started my journey back into a more physical life.

  • It was my first belly dance class.
  • I had a lot of fun.
  • And could barely walk from my car to the front door when I got home.

Two weeks later, I added working out with my trainer twice a week into the loop.

  • While very kind, she works me hard.
  • Most days it’s been a lot of fun.
  • And, unfortunately, most days could barely walk from my car to the front door when I got home.

I spent a lot of January sleeping.

  • My body was in a state of shock.
  • How could I try to shed my beloved couch potato lifestyle?
  • It was so much easier to do nothing!

My muscles drained my brain.

  • I often felt like I was thinking through a vat of thick mud.
  • Everything took massive effort.
  • Even things that should be easy for me to do.

I knew in my heart of hearts, I was on the right path.

  • This was just the really painful part of the initiation.
  • One day it would lift.
  • (One day could not come soon enough!)

Yesterday, I was about to leave to run an errand.

  • Realized I left my purse in my office.
  • On the second floor.
  • I thought about asking James to get it – as I had done so many times over the last few years.

Instead I just zipped up the steps myself.

  • Then it hit me!
  • I was zipping!
  • My feet were moving much faster than my usual trudge.

It was fairly effortless.

  • I was in such shock, I almost fell back down the stairs.
  • Thankfully I caught myself and let out a big cheer!
  • Phase 1 of “More Active Cynthia” is complete!

I’ve got a long ways to go before I reach the fitness level I want to make my norm.

  • And that’s okay.
  • Today I’m celebrating survival.
  • And zipping up stairs!

How do you celebrate the small successes in your life?

Just Call ME the Kayak Queen?

kayak queen

Can you imagine ME as the Kayak Queen?

  • James, my husband, enjoys swimming open water races.
  • He keeps swimming longer and longer races.
  • Has been doing a 10K open water race for a few years now.

Yesterday he found a race that’s in one of our favorite places.

  • It too is a 10K.
  • Would be swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • And requires he have a pilot kayaking along side him.

James left for a meeting and I started thinking.

  • What if I trained to be his pilot?
  • Would it be fun?
  • Could I train enough to be easy for me to do?

I have never been on a kayak in my life.

  • However found out we can rent kayaks in Ann Arbor.
  • And they have some regular longer distance events that I can practice with.
  • I’m hoping they might offer lessons in the spring too – but there’s always YouTube.

I started to buzz with excitement.

  • Imagine me able to kayak for a 10K!
  • I texted my trainer to make sure it was sort of realistic.
  • Ran it past a friend to see what I was missing.

By the time James got home from his meeting, I had a rough plan of action.

  • The look on his face when I shared it was precious.
  • Shock is a pretty accurate descriptor.
  • (He knew when he married me I was not and am NOT boring!)

Today, I’m even more excited – and in a bit of wonderment.

  • Wondering what I’m thinking about doing!
  • If I become the Kayak Queen needed to support James in his race, my life will need to change drastically
  • How do I keep my life infused with fun while training for such a big physical challenge?

James signs up for the race at the end of the week.

  • He’s going to request a pilot to be provided.
  • That takes the pressure off me. (What if I don’t like it?)
  • And leaves me room to be as outrageous as I want to be as I train.

My fantasy is to look amazing and be strong as heck as I step into the role as his pilot in November.

  • As Kayak Queen, I’ll be adding some style to James’ race.
  • James likes to wear colorful swim suits.
  • Perhaps I’ll wear a tiara to add some bling to the team.

How do you keep the fun in your big stretches?

Today is the BEST Day of My Life!!!

Best day

And I didn’t get married today!

Growing up, I often heard the best day of a woman’s life was the day she got married.

  • Brides were beautiful.
  • Princesses dressed in gorgeous dresses.
  • People gave gifts – and the bride got a husband!

After I got married, I started to worry.

  • Was that it for me as a woman?
  • If I didn’t have kids did I only get one best day of my life?
  • It was rather depressing to think about.

Fast forward to a little over a month ago.

  • I started to do Morning Pages. (I’ve never studied Julia Cameron; however know she is the concept creator.)
  • Every morning I dumped whatever was in my head onto three pages.
  • It was great way to release mind worms, worries and more.

After a while, I didn’t have as much of that stuff to write about.

  • I didn’t want to turn it into a journal about what I did the day before.
  • So I decided to write about my future.
  • As if it already happened.

Every morning has become a leap into potential for me.

  • After I do any dumping – yes, sometimes it’s still there.
  • Or work through an issue that needs some attention.
  • I totally enjoy raving about how wonderful my successes have been – even though I haven’t done them yet.

This practice has juiced my imagination.

  • I can try on different scenarios.
  • Claim all sorts of bold things for myself.
  • And start my day on quite a high.

Last week, I started to end every morning page session with “This is the best day of my life!!!”

  • I giggle every morning as I break the rule about weddings.
  • And find myself looking for proof about how amazing my day is.
  • Interestingly, I’ve been having some unexpected and fabulous experiences – sort of out of the blue.

Are my Morning Pages and my bold closing about the best day ever causing the bounty of joy coming my way?

  • I have no idea.
  • However, Mama didn’t raise a fool.
  • I’m going to keep writing every morning just in case it is.

How do you make every day the best day of your life?

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