Her “Yes” Changed My Life


I didn’t expect it to ever happen.

  • Let alone have the domino effect it did.
  • And be so much fun too!
  • I love my cousin.

It was the evening of New Year’s Day.

  • The “new year, new you” bug hit me.
  • I stayed up late that night Googling to figure out what I might like to do.
  • I checked out belly dancing.

I found a class in my area.

  • And began to come up with excuses about why it wouldn’t work.
  • I would have to go out in the dark by myself – oh my!
  • What if everyone laughed at me?

I texted my cousin to see if she would do the six-week class with me.

  • We had talked about doing another dance class a few years ago.
  • The location wasn’t that far from her house.
  • If Paula would do it, I would do it.

I was shocked when she texted back a big yes.

  • Crap.
  • That meant I had to do it.
  • Class started the next week.

I was a nervous wreck for the next week.

  • I even made James do a practice drive to the dance studio so I would know where to park.
  • Had I made a mistake?
  • Did I really want to go through the pain for starting to move more?

I was ready to throw up before the first class.

  • When Paula showed up, there was no backing out.
  • She gave me a hello hug.
  • We walked to the first class together.

My mind escalated with concerns.

  • What was I thinking?
  • Could I make it through the class?
  • Paula guided me to our space on the dance floor.

By the end of the class, I had been introduced to many long forgotten muscles.

  • I crawled to my car with Paula.
  • I was too exhausted to be elated I survived.
  • I promised I would see her next week.

After that, my life started accelerating.

  • I kept showing for dance classes because Paula was there.
  • I decided it was time to start working with my trainer again.
  • I had more pep in my step.

Last night was the last class for this session.

  • I’m going to continue with my dancing – I love it.
  • Paula’s life is too hectic right now to keep going.
  • I’m so grateful she made time to take the dance class with me for six weeks.

With that simple “Yes!” Paula changed my life. Thank you Paula!

Has your life changed with a simple “Yes” before?

I Quit My Gym Today

Bye-bye gym

It was time quit my gym.

  • Perhaps overdue.
  • And the right thing for ME to do.
  • Even though the gym is lovely.

I’ve been using joy as a standard for my life this year.

  • If something doesn’t feel joyful, I find a more joyful alternative.
  • I’ve never lived life with joy or even fun as a minimum standard before.
  • It’s taking some getting used to – but much more delightful!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m expanding a lot with the physical this year too.

  • Belly dancing.
  • Training with Mollie.
  • Kayaking in a 10K race this fall.

One of the things still bringing me down was my gym membership.

  • Yes, I need to do cardio.
  • But the gym didn’t make my heart sing.
  • I decided to look deeper at my gym issue.

Here’s what I realized…

  • I can give you all sorts of stories about why I don’t like my gym.
  • But in reality, they don’t matter.
  • They are just stories made up to frame the fact I don’t like going there.

The UGH factor is what really matters.

  • I don’t need to fix anything.
  • My body trying to communicate with me.
  • Going to the gym is not in alignment with my joy.

Of course, I couldn’t leave it at just that.

  • My mind insisted on some logic.
  • AKA a story to justify my decision.
  • I asked myself, “What would I rather do for cardio?”

The answer was sitting on the couch.

  • Both of them.
  • Barking their fool heads off.
  • James and the girls walk about a 5K every day.

I hadn’t been in shape to join them before – I’m closer now.

  • All three would love me to do so.
  • And it would be fun.
  • Need I say more?

My joyful option was communicating with me very LOUDLY.

  • Who am I to argue?
  • I did the deed this afternoon.
  • Signed the termination papers.

Now I’m sitting here excited to figure out how I’m going to keep up with the three of them!

  • Have you tried using joy or fun as a deciding force in your life?
  • How does it work for you?

Ypsi Alehouse – Decadent Food Ah-has!


Saturday afternoon, James and I went to the Ypsi Alehouse for a late lunch.

  • The Ypsi Alehouse just opened.
  • Is owned by James’ cousin.
  • And is already known for amazing food and beer.

James ordered chorizo nachos and subbed fries for tortilla chips.

  • He’s a major athlete.
  • Swims about a 4K and walks the dogs around a 5K most days.
  • He burns a ton of calories every day – and enjoys good food.

I posted a photo of his decadence on Facebook and immediately got some concerned messages from friends.

  • What are you eating?
  • Are you staying on plan?
  • And so forth.

The questions surprised me a bit.

  • I love going out to eat with James.
  • The smells, the sites, the fun menus…
  • If there’s nothing that honors my food allergies, I simply get something to drink and enjoy spending time with the man I adore.

I’ve been going out with James this way for a few months.

  • We love talking with each other.
  • A restaurant experience can add ambiance to a conversation.
  • I always have something to eat in my purse and don’t really worry about the food he’s eating.

I don’t have any desires to “cheat” at restaurants and special events.

  • Cheating food makes me sick.
  • After effects are painful.
  • It’s much more romantic to have a nice glass of wine with a handsome man.

I realized after the caring messages on Saturday eating to honor my body has become my new normal – my new home space.

Are you happy with your home space?


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