Hello Canada, Can I Come In?

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On Saturday I’m going to Canada.

  • Not for political reasons.
  • I’m attending an association leadership summit there.
  • Have never been to Banff and can’t wait to see it!

I have one little issue with the trip…

  • For some reason, crossing the border into another country makes me nervous.
  • I’m not totally sure where it came from.
  • As a child, living in Metro Detroit, we went to lunch in Canada a few times every year.

And still I get very nervous.

  • I’ve spent the last week engaging my imagination.
  • Practicing making it past the border officials.
  • And easily on my way to Banff.

Some of the visions have been rather colorful.

  • Being greeted with a red carpet and big band as I approach the border officer.
  • Massive crowds of Canadians cheering as I walk into their country.
  • Border officials begging me to come through their lane because I am so special.

I figured if I practiced enough in fun scenarios, real life should be easy as well.

  • I seemed to always hold a piece of myself back with my visions of grandeur.
  • The part of me that worried just a little.
  • Keeping me on edge for the last several days.

Today I started my list of what I need to take on my trip.

  • I’m three days in Banff and then speaking in DC before coming home.
  • How much do I take?
  • How different is the weather?

Just as I was about to launch into louder questions about the border, I found an email that arrived while I was in Chicago last weekend.

  • It was a “what to expect” letter for the Canadian trip.
  • I read the intro in Chicago and put in my read later pile.
  • Today I read the entire thing – and was glad I did.

At the bottom of the email was a link to a letter to give the border officer showing I had permission to be there from the Canadian government.

  • I have nothing to worry about!
  • What a relief!
  • Although some of the visions I played with would be really fun to experience…

What do you do when you feel a little anxious about something in your life – to help move you more towards joy?

The Spicy Life of Friends

spicy smile

This weekend, James and I met our friends for lunch.

  • They were in town for the weekend.
  • We went to a delicious Middle Eastern restaurant.
  • Not too far from the airport for easy departure.

I ordered a salad with chicken shawarma on it.

  • One of my favorites.
  • (Shawarma is well-spiced meat placed on a spit and cooked over a grill for long hours.)
  • The combination of the greens, the spicy meat and the dressing – yum.

Big flakes of spices covered the top of my salad.

  • They tasted good going down.
  • And periodically got caught in my throat.
  • Causing me to cough up a storm.

In spite of the periodic coughing, we had a blast.

  • Our friends live in DC and had never met James in person.
  • We swapped stories and laughed a lot.
  • The ladies did the team bathroom run after the meal.

When it was time to say farewell, big hugs all around.

  • Promises to connect again soon.
  • Filled with that great relaxed feeling after a good time.
  • Ahhhh.

I got in the car and looked in the mirror. ARGH!

  • I had huge pieces of spices caught in my teeth!
  • Heavy duty flakes that somehow I didn’t see on my last bathroom run.
  • Looked like holes at the top of my teeth.

My old tapes kicked into gear, “What will they think of me?”

  • Thankfully, I recognized the old voice and quickly shut it down.
  • Those darn spices challenged me throughout lunch – nobody cared or perhaps even saw the few stuck in my gums.
  • Plus, my friends were happy to see me – not inspecting my mouth for deviations!

How do you enjoy the spices of life and stay committed to your joy?

Last Call: Join Us In Being More Powerful This Year

powerful friends

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Feminine power is a delicious power that’s not often taught as a way of life.

  • It’s about finding your joy.
  • Knowing what your want.
  • Having your voice heard in your world.

We will delve into what it means to be powerful internally – as well as the behaviors that get results at work.

  • The class is one part video training.
  • And the other part live group coaching sessions that last for 30 minutes and will leave you feeling on top of the world.
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