Day 19 – What is the Price of Joy?


Last night, a concept started buzzing in my brain and wouldn’t let go.

  • My day was filled with fascinating conversations.
  • Many focused on getting to joy.
  • A pattern started to come into focus.

It all revolved around the price of joy.

  • If we want to be more joyful, we have to let go of being not joyful.
  • Sounds simple.
  • Until you start digging.

For example, if I want more fun in my life, I need to let go of some of the unfun aspects.

  • What I am currently doing is not making my life fun – so I need to try new things.
  • If I try new things, I may fail.
  • Am I willing to let go of being perfect to infuse my life with more fun – and know that I am good enough?

Or, if I want to be weigh less, I need to let go of some of the benefits of weighing more.

  • People don’t have as high expectations for people who carry extra weight compared to those in great shape.
  • As a smaller person, my excuse for not performing or excelling will have melted away.
  • Am I willing to give myself permission to excel beyond my wildest dreams – and feel worthy of it?

Every aspect I want to bring to joy has a cost to pay.

  • The associated costs are different person to person.
  • Usually, if you dig long enough, they tie to outdated lack beliefs.
  • Not being worthy, good enough, deserving and more.

So here’s the mind-boggling part…(Drum roll please)

  • What if the only thing standing between you and joy is simply old beliefs?
  • What if things like owning your worth, believing you are good enough and deserve more are the real accelerators for more joy?
  • Then the true question becomes, do you want more joy in your life?

Are you willing to pay the price for joy?


Day 18 – From Reserved to Aroused What a Night!

confident night

Oh what a night I had!

  • Anger
  • Disgust
  • Turn-on and more!

I danced across the emotional rainbow.

  • Escalating in tandem.
  • Playing it straight.
  • Shifting gears on command.

I emoted a lifetime in my improv class last night!

  • To do it well, I had to just let go.
  • Be totally in the moment.
  • And listen to my partner.

The more I embraced being in my emotions, the more I just responded.

  • I didn’t care what I said.
  • My filter was crumbled.
  • It was really cool!

I grew up always having to be careful what I said.

  • I was the responsible one.
  • I was the oldest.
  • I carried the weight of the world on my back way too often.

To just let go without care for consequence is a totally new experience for me.

  • It took a few classes for me to be willing to give it try.
  • Now I’ve done it, the world looks totally different.
  • Came home on a total high.

What training are you doing to open yourself up for more joy in your life?


Day 17 – Baby You Can Drive My Car

Female Racer

Do you remember the first time you drove a car?

  • I remember like it was yesterday.
  • It was a beautiful Michigan winter day.
  • Snow and ice everywhere.

I was on my way to my first driver’s education class.

  • I worried because first thing they did was put you on the driving range to see what you knew.
  • I knew nothing – except what I had casually observed.
  • Yes, I was one of the few kids to have never driven a car before class started.

My dad gave me a little pep talk about how I would be fine.

  • “Just pretend you have an egg between your foot and the accelerator pedal.”
  • In hindsight, I realize he wanted me to drive slow and be gentle.
  • In the moment, I took him literally.

The driving range was located in the high school parking lot.

  • Thankfully it had been scraped pretty well.
  • Only patches of ice here and there.
  • Lots of little orange cones.

“Miss Miller, shall we do it?” my instructor beckoned.

  • I walked to the car a bundle of nerves.
  • Over and over in my head I chanted my dad’s advice.
  • Whatever you do, don’t break the egg!

The egg image got me in a dash of trouble…

  • If I put on the car’s brake, the egg could roll around and crack.
  • So I did not use the brake.
  • Just a steadily increasing gentle pressure on the accelerator to keep the egg in place.

In other words, I was a bit of a speed demon.

  • Pretty much spinning out on every turn and patch of ice.
  • My instructor used the second brake on his side to keep us from crashing.
  • I had one of the shortest test drives of the day.

And it was AMAZING!

  • I was driving!
  • It was as if every receptor in my body was set on super awareness!
  • I was totally high!

My driver’s ed teacher was slightly less impressed.

  • I wasn’t allowed to drive on the range without a second brake person in the car with me for several weeks.
  • And I didn’t care.
  • It was such a rush to drive – I LOVED it!

When I first started tapping into joy, the feelings I had were a lot like that first drive.

  • I felt totally alive.
  • Tingled with energy.
  • Could barely stand to be in my skin.

I realized today my tolerance for joy is increasing.

  • While joy feels really great, it’s not a scary, super-aware kind of feeling.
  • It just feels really good.
  • And I’m super aware when it’s not there.

How does joy feel to you?

  • Do you still buzz with newness?
  • Or are you getting more comfortable as you build capacity for joy?