A New Journey Begins...

new-cyn-lt-blueWhen my Dad went into hospice almost two years ago, a big piece of me unraveled.

  • My commitment to fitness became a lessor priority.
  • I found comfort in food.
  • I left the gym.

Fast forward two years to this July…

  • I carried a lot of grief weight.
  • My back rebelled and locked up for over six months.
  • Food was making me sick – literally. (My food allergies were running wild.)

I decided to use the Whole30 plan to help me to detox and get on a healthier horse.

  • The plan eliminates common food allergens.
  • No dairy, soy, grain, legumes, sugar and alcohol for 30 days.
  • Focus on veggies, meat, fruit and healthy fats.

If I had any question whether or not the foods were impacting me, going through the first week of detox made it quite clear.

  • Going off all those foods, was painful.
  • Not in a self-denial kind of way – I was eating fabulous meals.
  • The pain came from detoxing – getting that stuff out of my system!

I finally started to see some sunshine as I reached the end of my first week.

  • Headaches gone – thank goodness.
  • Exhaustion easing.
  • A sense of lightness moving in.

Around day five, I started to realize that every healthy meal was taking me one step closer to perfect health.

  • I get that perfect health is like infinity.
  • You can always go to another level – like getting stronger.
  • However, the journey is where the magic takes place.

So I’m going to start blogging about my journey for myself and anyone else who wants to come along.

  • Anything chapter leader is moving to my People Power Unlimited site.
  • It’s nice to have everything together there.
  • This site, my name, is going to be about my journey.

I’m super excited to see what we discover together!



My Hero Saved the Day!

NYC-subwayI did the subway in NYC for the first time ever this trip.

  • I had avoided it for years.
  • A new friend offered to serve as my personal guide.
  • Got me to the subway station.

Then I hit my snag…

  • The lanes to the turnstiles were really skinny.
  • I was going to have to turn sideways to navigate.
  • And pull my suitcase behind me.

This approach was a great idea in theory – and not so brilliant in execution.

  • I got through the turnstile no problem.
  • However, my roller bag got caught on one of the turnstile spikes.
  • And locked in place.

I went into shock.

  • How the heck was I going to get that roller bag through?
  • I scrambled to remember vectors from physics class.
  • Played with the handle to get the right angle.

I was so consumed with problem-solving I didn’t notice the nice man who offered to help.

  • He was a short French man with dancing eyes.
  • Who struggled not to laugh at me.
  • I continued to ignore him.

Finally, my hero took charge.

  • He swiped his subway card.
  • And pushed my bag through the turnstile ahead of him.
  • My bag was finally free!

I gushed my thanks.

  • He waved adieu.
  • And I felt dumber than a doornail for ignoring his first offer of help.
  • His solution was so simple – I just had to give up control.

Makes me think of chapter leaders…do you notice when members offer to help you get stuff done – or are you too busy being a martyr?


Just Call Me Irresistible...

Cynthia-not-happyJust the thought of my appearance makes them drool in anticipation.

  • When I show up the party starts.
  • They can never get enough of me.
  • Year after year.

Do I sound like I’m bragging?

  • It’s totally true.
  • Some of us got what they want.
  • I’m one of the lucky few.

Do you wish you were me with fans clamoring around?

  • Seriously?
  • You may want to think twice.
  • It’s not all it’s cut out to be.

They are blood suckers.

  • Never getting enough.
  • Attacking me night and day.
  • As soon as I walk out of my house.

Do I sound ungrateful?

  • Try a night in my skin.
  • These lovers bite hard.
  • You’ll wish you never tried.

Oh how I hate mosquito season!

Makes me think of chapter leaders… do your members get what you are talking about?

(Need help with clearer communication? Check out The Chapter Leader Lounge.) 



What's Your Leadership Bow Wow Score?

GiGi thinkingWonder how much leadership energy you project?

  • Ask a dog.
  • We learned this Saturday at our second dog training class with dog whisperer Julia Levitt.
  • (Should be called “Humans Understanding Dogs” class.)

Dogs respond to the energy you project.

  • They want you to be a leader.
  • If you are not, they will fill the void.
  • But not be as happy.

How do dogs tell you that you need to be a stronger leader?

  • They pull when you walk them.
  • Bark and jump way too much.
  • Don’t come when you call.

The fun thing is dogs respond almost immediately to your change in energy.

  • Julia had me think about being on stage where I rule the world.
  • My energy was strong – and too high-level for the dogs to relax.
  • I focused on consulting with associations instead.

The change in their behavior was easy to see.

  • I was in charge.
  • They didn’t have to worry about being the main protector.
  • They just had to do what I wanted them to do.

Are the girls behaving perfectly now?

  • Heck no – I’m not used to having my leadership energy on all the time at home.
  • But it gets better every day with practice.
  • And overflows into other areas of our lives too.

Makes me think of chapter leaders…what does your chapter members’ behavior tell you about your leadership?


(Do you need help becoming a leader members respect? Check out The Chapter Leader Lounge.)


Click Here for Your Gift

birthday-cakeMy birthday is in about two weeks.

  • Today I got a birthday email from one of my favorite restaurants.
  • I got excited.
  • Especially when the nice note said “Click here for your gift.”

I LOVE gifts!

  • We didn’t do a lot of gifts growing up.
  • They are extra fun for me now.
  • I wondered what it might be – hopefully something yummy!

On the gift webpage I had to identify which location I wanted to go to.

  • And then… it was just a coupon!
  • The same one they run in a variety of local promotions.
  • 15% off $50.

Call me underwhelmed….

  • I had to open an email. Click a link. Enter a location. Click another link. Just to get a measly coupon.
  • I expected something a little more special – maybe chocolate.
  • Not just a ploy to use their regular coupon that’s already everywhere!

Sadly, it felt more like bait-and-switch marketing than a gift to me.

Makes me think of chapter leaders…How do you make sure what your chapter promotions promise and what members get match?


I Keep Going Back for More!

Cellphone compliments

I recently got a new phone.

  • My old phone was almost three years old.
  • This one is filled with tons of apps new to me.
  • It’s fun to see what they can do!

I came across a strategy game on my phone.

  • It’s just moving pieces around in certain ways.
  • But you have to think ahead about implications.
  • And play a few moves out in your head to get the highest scores.

I love this game.

  • It makes me think.
  • In simple but complex ways.
  • (And I sound really smart saying all this.)

The real reason why I love this game…

  • Every few moves it gives me a compliment.
  • Fantastic! Good move! Brilliant!
  • So many ways to describe me!

You would think I never get noticed in my life the way I eat this up.

  • At first, it was a little surprise.
  • None of my games interacted with me like this before.
  • How did it know?

Now I am giggling to say I look forward to it.

  • The game makes me smile.
  • I mean, it’s on a SMART phone, right?
  • There are a lot of neat things on my phone – but this game is my favorite so far!

Makes me think of chapter leaders…how do your members know you notice their efforts?

 (Want to know how to give great thanks to your volunteers so they keep coming back? We teach it in The Chapter Leader Lounge!)

For the Love of LUSH!


James and I had been working hard for the last few days.

  • Decided to give ourselves a treat last night.
  • To celebrate hard work done.
  • And do something where the pleasure lingers beyond a just a meal out.

LUSH was the first thing that came to mind.

  • LUSH is a store featuring handmade cosmetics.
  • Includes lotions, soaps and so much more.
  • James and I both enjoy their products.

Visiting LUSH is more than just their products.

  • I can order them online.
  • And not have to leave my home.
  • But I will miss the experience of being at LUSH.

What I love most about the LUSH at Briarwood Mall is the people.

  • They get excited to see us.
  • Remember our stories.
  • It’s like walking into a great big hug.

Last night Ryan helped us select our purchases.

  • We talked LUSH and personal stuff.
  • We compared hair color stories.
  • (Yes, I’m just a tad envious of Ryan’s teal hair…)

This morning I woke up just bubbling with excitement  - perhaps fueled in part by my visit to LUSH!

Makes me think of chapter leaders…how do your members feel when they show up for your events?

 (Want to make your chapter more welcoming? The Chapter Leader Lounge can help!)


There's a Ghost in My House!

ghostMaybe phantom is a better way to describe it.

As you may remember, two weeks ago I got my hair cut off.

  • I love my new haircut.
  • It’s snazzy and fun.
  • Gone from mid-back to not even kissing my shoulders.

Part of me just won’t let go…

  • I keep acting as if my lovely long hair is still there.
  • Brushing my shoulders to swing nothing to one side.
  • Grabbing air to make a pony tail.

Last night was another hot night.

  • Multiple times I grasped
    at my nonexistent hair.
  • To get it off my neck.
  • For relief from the curtain of heat.

I have deep habits and phantom hair!

  • I’m fascinated by the experience.
  • No wonder it’s so hard to give things up.
  • And stay in the past – even when you love the new option.

Makes me think of chapter leaders…how do you truly let go of the past?

(If you need help being more strategic in moving forward, check out The Chapter Leader Lounge! 15-minute guided tours every Thursday in May at 1 PM ET.)