Could Exercise Stop Weight Loss?

We have to burn more calories than we take in to lose weight.

  • This has been drilled in our heads for most of our lives.
  • Many of us view exercise as something we have to do if we want to get thinner or stay in shape.
  • We really don’t like it -and that doesn’t matter.

Or does it?

You may be surprised by what you hear on this video – and shocked at how much sense it makes!



Were you surprised by what you heard?

  • Your body is your best friend.
  • Losing weight just got a whole lot more enjoyable!

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Stop That Binge!

ChocolateDo you have a food that calls to you with a seductive voice?

  • You-who!
  • Come eat me!
  • You know that you want me!

For me, the challenge can be chocolate – especially when it’s NOT the really good dark stuff!

  • When I eat cheaper chocolate, it triggers my cravings.
  • I keep thinking about it.
  • How one more piece would just hit the spot.

Thankfully I found a way to support my body into easing up on (and eventually forgetting) the food that whispers taunts in my ears.

This video explains my solution – and may help you too!


Easier than you expected, eh?

  • It’s a super simple solution.
  • PLUS: No more beating yourself up about lack of willpower!

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New Beginnings at the Deliciously Fit Club

Cynthia-Holiday-dinnerIt’s finally spring  - and time to celebrate the sun!

  • Especially after almost 100 inches of snow in Ann Arbor this winter!
  • (Twice our normal amount.)

For the last few years, I’ve been working on getting more fit.

  • At one point I was down 80#s.
  • Two deaths in less than six months sent me into massive grief.
  • Frankly, I ate my way through a lot of it – and gained some grief weight.

The cool thing is I finally realized it’s just life.

  • There are ups and downs.
  • Being down passes more quickly while exercising.
  • But even if you stop, you can start moving again to reclaim your life.

I decided others needed to hear this message.

  • Launched The Delicious Life Show – a weekly podcast show.
  • Goal to help women have a delicious life – no matter what the scale said this morning.
  • Interviewed a lot of fascinating guests and now (in less than ten months) have listeners in 51 countries!

Women need to hear another message about having a delicious life…

  • Every woman needs to be fit so she can enjoy her Delicious Life – no matter what she weighs.
  • But dieting and excessive exercising is a temporary fix.
  • And often gives self-esteem a huge beating!

To help women get beyond short-term weight loss,  I created The Deliciously Fit Club!

  • It’s a non-diet approach to being more fit no matter what you weigh.
  • As women embrace the Deliciously Fit approach, weight seems to melt away.
  • It’s very cool.

Here’s a short video that explains how this approach helps you get beyond the three biggest challenges to being more fit.

I didn’t enjoy a lot of the last two years; however am grateful for the insights that are helping to impact a world of women!

If you know a woman who is frustrated by her weight, please let her know about the Delicious Life Show or The Deliciously Fit Club.

Life is meant to be Delicious!



Saying Hello Again is Hard to Do

2012-03-Cyn and Dad  Hello.

  • It should be easy to say.
  • And sometimes it feels so hard to do.
  • Like now.

For the last two years my life was consuming me – and I always didn’t know it.

  • My long time readers may have noticed I wasn’t blogging as often.
  • And then I didn’t blog at all.
  • I had lost my voice in the stress of life.

It started with my Dad.

  • His Alzheimer’s continued to advance and he had to move into assisted living.
  • Last September we had to add hospice care.
  • Dad passed on February 20, 2013.

I am a daddy’s girl and took Dad’s passing really hard.

Raindrop 2012 08As I worked through my grief, my baby’s heart started breaking.

  • Raindrop, my first furry child who ever called me Mom, developed congestive heart failure.
  • The last two months were brutal and we had to finally say goodbye on June 27, 2013.
  • And so another grief cycle to work through.

The total numbness is finally gone – but how do I say “Hello” again?

  • I sort of disappeared.
  • Between us, I’m feeling a little shame and disappointment in myself.
  • I’m struggling to find my voice.


  • I’ve missed all of you.
  • I’ve missed sharing my adventures with you.
  • I’ve missed your friendship, insights and joy in life.

So I’m back on shaky feet.

  • I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.
  • I’m hoping you’ll look past my silence.
  • And let us pick up again.

Mwah to all of you!

(That’s a cyber kiss hello to you!)

How do you help those who may feel lost find their way back to you?


Fit Can’t Be Overlooked

I should know.

I’ve been slow to buy new clothes to wear around the house.

  • I have nice clothes for the road – so I look good for clients.
  • And clothes that fit for the gym – so Mollie can watch my form.
  • But not so much for my casual wear.

I’m on a six-month, fat-burning challenge.

  • The weight is peeling off me.
  • I won’t wear the clothes for long.
  • Does it really make a difference?

A certain friend thinks so.

  • When she discovered I was wearing summer clothing that fit 50+ pounds ago.
  • Threatened to turn me into one of those fashion makeover shows.
  • For wearing such oversized rags!

I didn’t think it was that bad.

  • So decided to do a test.
  • Got a pair of jeans and a top that fit closely.
  • Did a photo shoot.

Here’s my before and after:

Hmm…Maybe she has a point.

  • I feel better in the smaller clothes.
  • Got some swagger in my walk.
  • I’m surprised I didn’t realize how bad it was!

I’m burning up the fat in my body with my six-month challenge.

  • Guess it’s time to burn up the fat clothes too.
  • (Or at least donate them so someone else can wear them.)
  • I’m worth the investment – even for clothes I wear around the house.

A special thanks to a certain friend for the hard-to-hear wake up call!

Makes me think of chapter leaders…how do you make sure your chapter activities still fit your members and their interests?

Celebrating the 4th

And a new chapter in my life.

Three years ago, my cousin Sarah visited me.

  • We both thought we looked good.
  • Decided to play makeovers.
  • We cut her hair and bought new makeup.

Exercise was not my thing back then!

  • A trip to the mailbox was huge.
  • I had to walk to and from the end of my driveway.
  • Plus up and down three steps!

Fast forward three years…

  • The makeup is off.
  • The hair slicked back with sweat.
  • Arms up in victory.

Today I ran a 5K for the first time in my life.

  • The heat index was in the 90s.
  • I fought off heat exhaustion with the help of my team.
  • Ran across the finish line in a state of wonder.

Even more fun…

  • Sarah flew in from Denver to run with me.
  • She’s been doing her own fitness journey.
  • And is looking great.

Discovering the new me is fascinating adventure – having someone to do it with is even better!

Makes me think of chapter leaders…how do you include others in your growth?

What Happened to Glamour?

Sweat rules?

As a teen, I was well trained.

  • Dad attended military school.
  • He shaved before coming down every day – so I cleaned up too.
  • Hair and makeup done before breakfast.

Most of my adult life, I never left my house totally undone.

  • Even going to workout.
  • Would put on lipstick – just in case.
  • So did my workout friends.

When I was really big, I needed glamor.

  • My clothes looked like tents.
  • At least my hair looked nice.
  • And face was finished.

Two years ago I started my fitness quest.

  • I sweated like crazy.
  • Wearing makeup to the gym was painful.
  • And I looked dumb as it dripped down my face.

The more fit I get, the more I like me.

  • So much so I put up photos of me sans makeup on the Internet.
  • With red-faced sweat at full glow.
  • How far I’ve come!

Still, sort of glad my Dad doesn’t surf the Internet!

Makes me think of chapter leaders…do you let others see you sweat?

Tonight I Wanted Chocolate


I was finishing my healthy dinner when it hit.

  • An urge that almost overwhelmed me.
  • I wanted chocolate.
  • Right then – and lots of it.

The cupboard taunted me.

  • Inside it was a bag of decadent 60% dark chocolate chips.
  • I could cut the corner.
  • Know one would know but me.

The craving grew stronger.

  • My stomach turned.
  • My mind could taste the chocolate.
  • Just a few steps away…

I needed to remove myself from the kitchen.

  • Immediately.
  • So I did.
  • The dishes could wait until later.

The voice of reason started to ask questions…

  • Did I have a trigger food by accident?
  • Did I want a glass of water?
  • How about playing on Facebook?

I wish I could say it was easy.

  • It wasn’t.
  • But, today wasn’t my day for a treat this week.
  • Not. Today.

I’m sad the craving raged.

  • But proud I walked away.
  • My travels require me to be around food.
  • I need to love myself more than a few bites of junk.

Score tonight: Cynthia-1; Craving-0

Makes me think of chapter leaders…How do you stay strong on your chapter’s new path when the old ways want you back?