The Plane Bounced Me Like a Ball


Yesterday I flew home from Denver.

  • It was a gorgeous sunny day.
  • I had an aisle seat.
  • All was good.

About an hour before we were to land, I decided to run to the bathroom.

  • Did my thing.
  • Washed my hands.
  • Played with my hair in the mirror.

And then it happened…

  • The plane dropped a good foot.
  • I slammed into the bathroom door.
  • (Thank goodness I was all buttoned up and on my feet!)

The pilot urged everyone to return to their seats immediately.

  • Even the flight attendants.
  • We had some turbulence.
  • Really big turbulence.

My mind started to race as I figured how to get out of the bathroom.

  • Scenes from airplane movies dropped in.
  • Fear began to clutch.
  • Had I told James I loved him?

Thankfully, I quickly put a stop to my storyteller in my head.

  • She was making up stuff based on disaster MOVIES!
  • Not 20 years of safe flying.
  • The story was one huge false alarm.

I will admit walking the ten rows back to my seat was challenging.

  • We were bouncing all over.
  • I didn’t want to land in anyone’s lap!
  • I kept my breathing calm and pretended I was doing some new moves for my improv scenes.

When I finally got strapped in, the ride smoothed out.

  • Everyone was fine.
  • Including me.

How do you stay in your power when your internal storyteller tries to seduce you with false fears?

Each Apology Tore At My Heart a Little More

Senior hands holding on a walker

“I’m so sorry I’m slowing you down,” he moaned over and over.

  • I made a quick run to a health store.
  • Expected to pop in and out.
  • Didn’t expect to have my heart yanked hard.

He was a handsome older gentleman determinedly inching along with his walker – and carrying some sort of breathing device.

  • We got to the store entrance around the same time.
  • He grappled with the door to open it for me.
  • Barely walking, he still wanted to be the gentleman his mama had taught him to be decades ago.

I gushed thanks and gave him a flirty smile.

  • Walked through the door he held.
  • Then turned around to hold the door for him.
  • He didn’t have the strength to walk and hold his own door.

He was embarrassed he needed help.

  • Apologized for slowing me down over and over.
  • I did what any of you might have done.
  • I blasted him with love – and thanked him for helping me to slow down to enjoy the beauty of the day.

His eyes teared up.

  • He shook his head.
  • He thanked me.
  • Then struggled over to the front desk to get a replacement piece for his wife’s breathing machine.

Being human can be a fragile experience. Who did you blast with love today?

Playing the Gratitude Game

Playing the Gratitude Game on Association Chat

Yesterday Scott Oser and I were interviewed by the lovely KiKi L’Italien on her show, Association Chat.

  • Our topic: From Panicked to Productive.
  • It’s a sneak peak of the program we are doing at the American Society of Association Executives next month.
  • All three of us have found our way to a more mindful life as a secret to success.

The program is fast, fun and snappy.

  • We share our experiences.
  • Our mistakes.
  • And what works for us.

Have you played the Gratitude Game before?

  • It’s one of my favorite ways to raise energy.
  • You can do it at home with friends and family.
  • And at work with your team.

I explained how to play yesterday – and made every one play with me.

  • KiKi and Scott had to share live.
  • Listeners played via chat.
  • It was amazing how fast everyone’s energy soared.

If you haven’t played before, you can check it out in our interview:
(I explain the Gratitude Game at 18:48)

How do you play the Gratitude Game in your life?