My Magic Joy Elixir Revealed


Earlier this week, I shared my struggle to get my joy back.

  • Somehow I fell of the horse.
  • And the darn thing was eluding me.
  • No matter how hard I tried.

I’ve been running dry this winter.

  • It’s been cold-cool-cold.
  • I kept my bed heated through it all.
  • And often woke up parched as a result

Yesterday, I noticed my skin was unusually flaky.

  • Something I never experience.
  • Made me wonder.
  • Could it be I was more dehydrated than I thought I was?

So I started to pound the water.

  • By the third glass that morning I felt pressure lifting.
  • Down five by noon and feeling much better.
  • What if my issue was simply being dehydrated?

Today I’ve continued my intense drinking pace.

  • My headache is almost gone.
  • My body feels more relaxed.
  • I feel much happier – finally.

I’m stilling in testing phase, yet am seeing such difference, I’m officially proclaiming water my magic elixir of joy!

Are you drinking enough water to reach joy today?


Straight vs. Absurd

Absurd dog

Last night in improv class we worked on some really fun skills.

  • We learned how to be absurd – linking things that had nothing to do with each other.
  • And how to play it straight.
  • No matter what the absurd person said it made sense.

I thought I would enjoy being the absurd person more.

  • Love letting my creativity fly.
  • Seeing how much I can push filters down.
  • Just let the words come out of my mouth.

Playing the straight person was actually a bigger challenge.

  • I couldn’t break character to laugh at the outlandish comments.
  • Had to think fast on my feet to produce a logical explanation.
  • And add something to the conversation to move it ahead.

We got to practice both roles.

  • The jury is out on which role I prefer.
  • I’m not sure if I have to commit to one for my improv brand.
  • Or can simply play based on what comes up.

I’ll confess I’m giggling that I even wrote about having an improv brand.

  • It’s a bit too soon to lock down on much of anything.
  • Aside from being brilliant most of the time, of course. 😉
  • (Insert more giggling.)

What are you doing that makes you giggle – even the next day?


Open Your Eyes and Look Around You

Ruby look around

The last few days have been challenging for me.

  • It’s like my joy halo got a little slanted.
  • Things just aren’t as shiny lately.
  • The disconnect is getting old.

Today I worked on an article for my People Power Unlimited site.

  • Sitting in my chair.
  • Ruby, one of my dogs, was keeping me company.
  • She found me rather boring.

Twisted around for a more exciting view.

  • Propped up like a diva.
  • Monitoring the neighborhood action.
  • Totally enjoying herself.

Perhaps Ruby was trying to give me some advice?

  • Let go of what’s bothering me.
  • Relax.
  • Notice all the joy in my life right now.

What joy do you see when you open your eyes and look around?

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