What Do You Do When You Need a Little Love?

bear love

Often, the best thing you can do for yourself is lavish yourself with self-care.

  • Whether it’s a really crummy day.
  • Or a really fantastic day.
  • (Self-care is finding ways to show yourself how much you love yourself.)

A self-care practice can make a huge difference in everything you do!

(James is hanging out with the eight-foot tall teddy bears at Costco.)

It Took Me More Than FIVE Hours to Get the Gym Today

First Day at the GymAnd I only live three miles away!

Today was my first day back in the gym and my goal to walk one mile.

  • Without dying.
  • Passing out
  • Or otherwise embarrassing myself.

A little over two years ago I could:

  • Run almost 10K.
  • Squat with 165 pounds on my back.
  • Do a gazillion push ups. (That’s the technical term.)

Today, I am so out of shape…


  • So I stewed about it.
  • For a FIVE hours.
  • And dreaded going to the gym.

Finally I got out of my chair and drove myself over.

  • And walked a mile.
  • It wasn’t pretty.
  • I was the slowest person on the track.

But I did it. I survived. I started the new chapter of my life.

What do you need to get off your couch to go do TODAY?

Today I Did the Walk of Shame

womaniWhen my dad died in February 2013, lots changed in my life.

  • I learned about grief.
  • Got swamped with family challenges.
  • And totally stopped working out.

I’ve periodically tinkered at getting back to working out and you know how it goes…

  • Walk three days – and get too busy.
  • Love dance classes – but they twist out your knees.
  • Never a fit – and always an excuse to stop.

Finally I decided it was time to go back to the community college gym I’d worked out at for three years prior to Dad’s passing.

  • I felt nauseous to go there.
  • Joked about my “walk of shame” in returning.
  • And sort of believed it.

When I got to the gym my worst nightmares did not happen.

  • No one laughed when I walked in.
  • I wasn’t called lazy and fat.
  • The hot guy who signed me back up was professional and kind.

So where the heck did the whole walk of shame concept come from?

  • It definitely wasn’t anyone at the gym.
  • So it must have been me!
  • And it was neither true nor accurate.

Since it was my personal, self-limiting belief, it was also mine to release – and so I did.

  • I thanked the belief for its service.
  • Shared that it no longer fit me.
  • And sent it on its way!

When you hear the voice in your head trying to slow you down, do you listen and believe – or pause, take a breath and challenge the truth of what you are hearing?

Did Hell Freeze Over?

earringsgoblueI am a proud Michigan State graduate.

  • I loved going to school there.
  • Was very involved.
  • Even helped run the spirit block at the football games.

In 1993, I moved to the Center of the Evil Empire (also called Ann Arbor) – for love.

  • What else could cause this loyal Spartan to embrace the world of Maize and Blue?
  • (Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan.)
  • I loved James – a lot.

For years, my blood ran proudly and loudly green.

  • I cheered for Michigan State – and anyone playing Michigan!
  • On football Saturdays, I was one of the few in our complex cheering when the other guys scored.
  • (Sometimes I wondered for my safety.)

This die-hard dedication lasted for a good 15 or so years.

  • I learned to enjoy a lot the U has to offer to the community.
  • Avoided football games.
  • Stayed a proud Spartan!

Then we started attending Michigan Women’s Basketball games.

  • At first they were inexpensive entertainment.
  • James wore maize and blue – and I wore anything but.
  • I loved watching the women play.

About three years ago, my Michigan resistance began to melt.

  • We became season ticket holders.
  • Felt connected more to the team.
  • I felt silly not wearing my team’s colors.

That year, a cheerleader threw a free t-shirt right at me.

  • In my size.
  • Big block M.
  • I decided I could wear the maize t-shirt (just for the games) to support my team.

This year, things feel even more personal.

  • We’ve chatted with staff and coaches.
  • Learned the back story on some of the athletes.
  • I am so proud of many of them…

Last night, I got dressed for a play-off game.

  • Put on my Michigan shirt.
  • Looked in the mirror.
  • And wished I had some cute block M earrings to go with it…

What the heck???  Did hell just freeze over?

  • Have I become one of those crazy Michigan fans who accessorize in maize and blue?
  • What happened to my green blood?
  • Is Sparty going to strike me down?

After a few deep calming breathes I realized it was all okay.

  • I attended MSU for four years – and lived in Ann Arbor for more than 20.
  • I love Tom Izzo and MSU Men’s Basketball.
  • And I love Michigan’s Women’s Basketball.

I have room for both in my life – and am now looking for some cute block M earrings.

Question for leaders… Is your loyalty to a fond memory getting in the way of your present-day success – and delight?

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Poof! Gone Like Magic

GiGi blanketSaturday night, James and I decided to do a TV date.

  • He wasn’t feeling that great.
  • Needed to lay low.
  • Plus we had good stuff to watch.

Midway through the date, I got up to fix dinner.

  • We ate in the family room.
  • Enjoyed the food.
  • And continued our viewing.

An hour later, James could not find his phone.

  • He had been playing on it earlier.
  • And it disappeared around dinner.
  • Poof! Just like magic.

We looked everywhere.

  • Under the couch.
  • Around the room- including the secret places where the dogs hide their toys.
  • Even under the dogs and their blankets.

I called his phone with mine.

  • Nothing.
  • He had turned the ringer off.
  • Where did the darn phone go?

Later that night, James found his phone.

  • It was on the couch where he had been lying.
  • Sort of under GiGi.
  • Hidden in plain site.

The missing phone made me think about women and power.

  • Every woman has access to being more powerful.
  • It is within her reach.
  • And easy to find if you just look with fresh eyes.


Potential Side Effects from Embracing Your Feminine Power

lots of smilesLast night, I felt like I was watching pharmaceutical TV given all the ads for drugs.

  • They had the big promise.
  • And then the endless list of potential scary side effects.
  • With lovely music and video in the background.

I decided perhaps I too should come clean on potential side effects women may experience as they embrace their feminine power.

  • I just did a coaching call with the 30 Days to a More Powerful You! participants yesterday.
  • It was only week #3 – and they all noticed changes.
  • Embracing your power can have powerful side effects very quickly.

95.7% of the women I’ve taught to be more powerful find themselves smiling more.

  • It feels good to own your power.
  • You walk taller.
  • And have more confidence in yourself.

You will probably see the world with different eyes.

  • As you embrace your feminine power, you’ll notice the contrast compared to those who do not.
  • You may wonder how you missed the signs before.
  • And want to help other women.

Things you only dreamed about may become more possible.

  • You’ll notice it takes a lot less energy to get things done with your feminine power turned on.
  • You may have extra time on your hands because things happen more easily.
  • Your mind may begin to get excited about options of what can be.

Additional potential side effects include:

  • You may be asked to turn in your “I’m a victim” membership card.
  • You may need to watch what you say because people will start to actually listen to you.
  • Finally, you’ll need to become accustomed to increased positive notice by peers and supervisors.

All of the side effects mentioned above are very common when women embrace their feminine power.

  • Eventually they adjust to all the good stuff in their lives.
  • No one has died from unleashing their power yet.
  • Unless you count letting go of the “less-than” experiences you no longer need to tolerate in your life.

There I feel better now – transparency rocks!


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